Friday, January 29, 2010

Chick-fil-A is Not a Yoga Pose

Yesterday was once again Yoga Day, which is somehow becoming my favorite time of the week.  Unfortunately, I've been feeling a bit sick to my stomach, so I debated whether to even go.  I did go, but I took it pretty easy.  Even so, I found a couple times that certain poses were easier for me than they had been in the past.  I also found the room to be FREEZING for some reason.  Forget hot yoga, my community center seems to have embraced cold yoga.  I'm not sure I'm seeing the benefits.  I may start bringing a blanket for final relaxation.

Anyway, I noticed one thing as I was doing my pre-yoga walk around the track.  You know how I posted the other day about how uncomfortable I feel walking at the track on campus?  Well, I truly feel NONE of that when working out at the community center.  I even ran a little bit last week (with very little worries about the boobs attracting too much attention).

I think the reason is that there are truly all shapes and sizes at the community center.  And everyone is there for the same reason: to improve their health and fitness.  Somehow on campus I feel like it's all athletes who are looking at me like they're certain I've stumbled in accidentally, when I truly intended to camp out at Chick-fil-A stuffing myself with waffle fries dipped in an obscene number of condiments.

I've finally updated my ticker again, which shows not quite another pound lost. I've decided to only officially weigh in and update once a month. Mainly because I've found that for me, it's nothing to gain/lose the same five pounds over the course of a month. I'm always going to show a gain before my period, then I'll always miraculously go back down after. It's just not a "real" picture of my true success (or lack thereof) to weigh in weekly.

Oh, also, in my quest to improve my sleep, I've been trying Breathe Right strips, which was EG's suggestion.  I do truly think I'm sleeping better.  It might just be because I'm currently enjoying a hard earned four-day weekend (joys of comp time!) and I always sleep better if I know I don't have to be up early.  But I haven't snored myself awake since I started using them.

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Regina said...

I have been laughing myself awake - there is no over the counter product to help that.

And I would have to agree that college campuses facilities are more likely to be heavy loaded with people with higher metabolism and higher energy. It's not a fair comparison.