Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exercise Equipment You Don't Need (Unless You Need a Laugh)

One of my favorite pleasures is watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I don't watch it every day, but I do record it on my DVR, and catch up whenever I can. That's what I'm doing today, and I caught Ellen discussing this new piece of exercise equipment:

This got me to reminiscing about some of my favorite Ellen excercise equipment moments. One has to be the Shake Weight:

Don't you wish you had one?

This clip is one of my all time favorite moments from her show. It's Ellen discussing three different clips she found online. The first one is bizarre. The second one cracks me up EVERY time. And I've seen it probably 20 times now. The third clip is another classic, and not just because the music in the background is Olivia doing "Physical." Enjoy:

And finally, this is probably my all time favorite Ellen clip. It's another one that I've watched over and over, and I still laugh so hard I almost pee. The Hawaii Chair:

Has anybody used any of these crazy items? What other silly exercise equipment or videos have you tried?


Karen said...

Oh my gosh. Those videos had me laughing so hard I scared the dog!

singedwingangel said...

Roflmbo I LOVE Ellen she is such a hoot and I had to callhubby in here to watch all these too flipping funny..

Adie said...

Oh my. I was laughing SO hard.
Thank you for sharing those!

jules said...

pfff..hahaha... this definately makes my day! hilarious!
I assume this items might actually be working - for one's laughing-muscles. I know I'd love that chair in my office!! great! thanks for posting these!

Carrie said...

My goodness!! I can't stop laughing! My abs are killing me from watching the videos, so I guess I got a workout in my desk chair just from watching them - works for me! ;-) Thanks for sharing...I've passed this blog link on to my friends as well for when they need a laugh today. :-)