Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can I Please Just Start Over?

Okay, I just re-set my ticker with my new higher weight.  Ugh.  I just don't want to start the New Year with a ticker saying "gained 4 pounds."  So, I weighed this morning and re-started my ticker with this weight as my "start."  I hope that's okay with everybody?  OK?  OK.

I figure, it's all part of the Love Myself and Take Baby Steps plan I'm continuing to modify in my brain.  Seeing "gained 4 pounds" doesn't make me love myself so much.  Also, I ran out of my little sticker charts with my baby steps, and I haven't gotten around to making more.  I'm on the fence about that method.  It did make me feel good to see what I'd accomplished, but it made me feel like crap to see the days/weeks where I did not accomplish!  Maybe I'll print one starting today and give it another two week trial.

And I'm thinking too of allowing myself to go back or ahead a day, like if I missed my fruit yesterday, but I ate TWO apples today?  I'll counting one of them for yesterday.  Or if I didn't work out yesterday, but then I went for an hour walk AND went to yoga today?  I mean, some things won't work.  Like I don't think I can skip my vitamin for a week, and then take seven on Sunday and have that count.  Since many vitamins are water soluble and will just pass through if you have too much.  Or water.  I don't think drinking no water for two days, then drinking three days worth the next is a good strategy.

Anyhow, that's where I'm at.  I'm still here.  And I'm glad Regina has gone on a wild posting spree, because that makes me not feel quite so bad about not posting.  And we all know that my goal this year is to not feel bad!


Karen said...

Janet, I think it's just fine to start over with the New Year. Fresh start and all that.

Also, have you heard of these Fruit 2-a-days? They are a little pricey and it really is cheaper just to buy fruit and eat it, but I love them on days when I'm on the run and they're tasty, too. Just a little fruit smoothie, but each one contains 2 servings.

Regina said...

You know, this is just part of the burden of having an audience. Technically if we had been at this for a few years - my ticker would say "gained 60 pounds". But I think that taking it from where you are TODAY is a very healthy way to approach the year!

singedwingangel said...

Ya know what I did. I went to biggest and pledged to lose weight so when I lose it a food bank get a pound of food for every pound I lose. This way I can remind myself that not only am I imporving MY health but and also helping another family eat healthy..

Deanna said...

I just found you through Funny In My Mind. I'm a MO gal too - wondering just how low the temperature can go. I'm also on a weight loss journey but haven't been brave enough to post one of those ticker thingies. My goodness you ladies are brave.