Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Gotta Have A Plan

I keep thinking of that scientific approach to weight loss article...reviewed with title Fact of Crap. One of the most important steps to finding success with weight loss was knowing when you were likely to make bad choices and then - having a plan to fix this behavior.

The day is full of times that I might fall off the wagon and decide to head south for the day, week, month - it can be summed up like this....when I am hungry, when I am bored, or when I'm just not paying attention. Generally, I am aware of when I am about to jump ship - so I think what I am missing is "The Plan". Here's my attempt at making one...

There is something about brushing my teeth that simply tells my body - food time is over. I need to use this cue to my advantage. So, if I find my mind wandering over the inventory of my pantry - I'm going to go brush my teeth. If I have to "refresh" and brush my teeth a few times in the evening - so be it. I have also loaded my desk with the proper tooth brushing supplies so that I can use this technique at work.

Chew gum or eat a mint. Again, these signal the end of something for me. They also kind of perk me up - so if I was about to eat for boredom- this should spark my mind with something else to do.

Drink some water. It's good for you. Sometimes you are really thirsty and you just think you are hungry. It's calorie free. It's a lot easier to lose water than to lose fat.

Do some kind of movement. There is something about exercise that makes me not want to eat. So when possible - if I think I'm about to over-do it, I'll take some time to go walk first, then allow myself to touch food.

I'll pretend you are watching me. There is something good about peer pressure. Today I was surrounded by people ALL DAY LONG. I really, really wanted a soda - but then I thought, no, I'm trying to stop (and everyone at my table would not drink one - so by the waiting game rules - I couldn't anyway) and what if you were there? Would I want to bail on my mission? No. I'd feel bad. So I try to push through. I try to eat like someone is monitoring me - even though no one is (except my scale).

I know when I am more likely to fail. This week has been an uphill climb (stress, odd schedules, overwhelming to-do list, unexpected road blocks)- I know I'm in the danger zone. Somehow, admitting that I'm in this state makes it a little better. And if I can go through this time without using a food /soda crutch - maybe this will make it that much easier for me to do it on the good days.

There is no bad food. As I said when this all started - I know myself well enough to know that if it's a "No, No" I am going to demand "Yes, Yes". So, I am allowed to have some cheats. I just have to remember not to use all of them in the same day. By allowing myself a little wiggle room, I'm not as likely to chuck it all just so I can have a little treat. A girl has to snack sometimes - so I've loaded up my desk with some healthy choices that offer variety and chocolate (let's face it, a MUST) and some nutrition - like this.

How about you? Do you have an emergency plan? How to you keep yourself on track?


singedwingangel said...

All of those are wonderful game plans hun.. You will absolutely succeed with tht mindset.. Now to find my groove

Karen said...

Those are all good tips. I try to keep some healthy treats in my desk and at home so that, even if I won't let myself indulge on something, I know that I still get to have something yummy that is better for me.

Janet said...

I completely agree that we have to plan for those times when we're likely to cave. And work is also one of my weak spots. I try to take fruit, nuts, granola bars, etc... and keep them in my desk. It doesn't help that various people in the office make sure the candy bowl downstairs is always full too!

single lutheran said...

I've been keeping a food journal for the last few days. I know that you mentioned that this just wasn't your thing, but it's worked for me for the most part. I also write down how much water I drink. I've been doing really well at that, so I just love adding up my total amount of water for the day and seeing that I met my daily goal.

I do allow myself to indulge in stuff once in a while. Like on Friday for example, someone at work had brought some peanut butter fudge for their birthday. Instead of having a really big piece like I normally would, I had two smaller pieces. I knew that I would have to write it down, which prevented me from eating more.

Plus, just exercising more, makes me be a little more mindful. I don't know if I'm cutting calories during my main meals of the day, but I'm trying to cut out the extra eating.

I just love reading this blog.

Helene said...

Those are all great tips! Brushing my teeth helps, as well as always keeping a 32 oz bottle of water near me at all times.