Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Yesterday morning I woke up and really wanted a donut.  I didn't have any donuts.  I fixed myself a cup of coffee, and stood in the kitchen contemplating whether I wanted a donut bad enough to get dressed and go buy donuts.

Then I remembered we had cake.  R had made a birthday cake for a co-worker (yes, all by himself!), and he brought what was left home.  There was one piece left.

Really, is cake any different from a donut?  I mean, when you consider the ingredients and nutritional value, or lack thereof, what's the difference?

And when there is only one piece of cake left, why dirty a spatula and a plate?

So I sat down at the coffee table in my pajamas with my coffee, a cake pan, and a fork.  And right at that moment, R walked in.

He cracked up laughing and asked if he could take a picture of that.

I told him no.  He took it anyway, and no, I'm not posting it.

But this morning, when I rolled out of bed, lo and behold, he'd gotten donuts.  So, I guess I'll forgive him for the photo.