Monday, November 30, 2009

Are You in Weight Watchers?

I went to Wal-mart the other day (not Black Friday I promise you) and noticed that Smart Ones meals were on sale for $2.00. I've tried those before and liked them fairly well, so I picked out five different ones and had them in my cart.

When I went to check out, there was an elderly woman in front of me looking in my cart, and she pointed to the Smart Ones and asked, "Are those on sale?" I said yes, for $2. She sort of looked me over and said, "Are you in Weight Watchers?" I said no and didn't think much of it. Then she got all flustered and said, "Oh...ummm...I mean...not that you look like you need it or anything!"

Well, NOW I'm thinking you meant something by it, even if I didn't think so before!

Geez, maybe I thought she was thinking I am one great success story and that if those meals got me this smokin' hot bod, she should certainly be eating them too?

At any rate, they taste better than the Healthy Choice meals.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you eat too much? Did you load up on healthy veggies and avoid the pies? Did you go for a walk after dinner, or settle in on the couch to watch football?

Mine was okay. I had a pretty big meal, but didn't eat until I felt sick. I didn't go back for seconds. I had a 1/2 slice each of two kinds of pie. I didn't exercise, and I didn't drink enough water. But all in all, could have been a lot worse.

I weighed in this morning, and I'm up a full pound from where I started this journey. Only up 0.4 from two weeks ago when I last weighed in. I'm seriously debating letting the whole ticker "start over" on January 1 and calling wherever I'm at that day my "beginning weight." Is that cheating? Or is it better for my weight loss to truly reflect my highest point?

Anyway, I went for a long walk today, and I've eaten some homemade trail mix and coffee for breakfast, a big healthy salad and some fruit for lunch. I'm feeling okay. It's all about progress, not perfection.

Most Awesome Song I Heard While Working Out: "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi. I love Bon Jovi. They're as awesome today as they were back in the 80's, even if they have a little less hair. Are any of you going to see them on their current tour? I want to, but seriously, $128 each for tickets?! EACH?! I don't think I can cough that up. Well, I would for Olivia.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sharing Some Easy Yum Yum

I recently discovered a lovely little book called "Fix it and Forget It Lightly" - a collection of crock pot wonders can you not love that? Below is the first recipe I've tried, even though I've marked many to experiment with. Must say it was so easy and so yummy that I'm already planning to repeat it!

Chicken Soft Tacos

1-1 1/2 lbs. frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breasts
14 1/2 oz. can low-sodium diced tomatoes with green chilies
1 envelope taco seasoning (low sodium if possible)

1. Place chicken breasts in slow cooker.
2. Mix tomatoes and taco seasoning. Pour over chicken.
3. Cover. Cook on low 6-8 hours.
4. Serve in soft tortillas. Top with salsa, low-fat shredded cheddar cheese, guacamole if your diet allows, and fresh tomatoes.

Makes 6 Servings. Per serving 100 calories (20 from fat).

We did opt for crunchy shells -it's a personal choice. We used some low fat sour cream and low fat cheese to top. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome to the Stalemate!

Also known as "Overload Stress + Impending Family Event + Long Work Hours = Recipe for Disaster".

For those that, I have not been sucked into a black whole - close, but not really. After our long work weekend - I wanted to give my body time to recover. I swear to you I stepped on the scale and the number was had gone up above and beyond where I started. But some quick reflection on the fact that I swear every meal came with ZERO grams of fiber...and you can just skip the details but two days later I was back to where I was. I was a bit disappointed - this was the first year that I did not invoke my belief that "all calories consumed while out of town and working long hours DONT COUNT". So I got through the 3 day event with only 1 soda (in previous years I would have consumed a case on my own). I did fall victim to the brownie - but I resisted seconds AND I did not lick my plate - it was tempting. (in previous years - I would have consumed a bag of candy and then had an buffet of snack items on top of that) And on the final day, I did have 3 mini candies - and a milk shake. So overall, I was a saint.

And then I came home - while I had only CONSUMED one soda. I'd picked up two, not opened them and put them in my bag. Just touching them was enough to get me through- yes, I realize what an addict I am...don't judge. Anyway, I managed to drink both of those over the weekend. (proof that my theory of not having any in the house does help) Then I had a day at work that inspired me to crack open not one, but two at my desk - and trust me, it was a matter of drinking or going on a killing spree. So this week won't go down in the "victory column" either. But for every time I've fallen off the wagon, I have not adopted the "well, I've already blown in - might as well do this too...." theory. I have managed to keep some control.

And while most of my week was NOT successful with exercise, I did walk at my work event, and I have begun the one minute time trails with my son. We see how many sit ups and push ups we can do in one minute. It's a short torture, but I'm hoping for some results.

And I know we are approaching / now into the "New Moon" era...but seriously, what is happening to the world? Is there a secret full moon? Has swine flu affected the brains of everyone in places of authority? Has someone been spiking the kool-aid? Lay off the crazy pills please, you are driving me mad - and you know who you are! (and not in that good - gets you on the front cover of a magazine kind of way)

On the scale front, the numbers just keep hanging around the same place. And that's okay given the stress factor and the upcoming doom of the holiday feeding frenzy. If I can get through the next week with no backslide - that will equal success.
Did you even notice how much of the turkey day spread is carb loaded? Maybe I can sneak some fiber in the stuffing? LOL!

And a word of progress - it appears that maybe the secret to weight loss is exposure to the common cold germ. I have cared less about lunch most days this week - which is always a sign of illness. Apparently, if you have no energy left to care - you don't mind rice cakes with peanut butter for lunch. Is there a market for this? We shall see...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paradise by the Elliptical Machine Light

This is my Most Awesome Song I Heard While Working Out for today. "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf.

I love this song, in large part because it's one of the few songs X and I karaoke together. And we are awesome at it. I'm just sayin.' I don't want to brag. But we are.

Kathy and I went to the actual gym today on campus. We used to spend a lot of time in that gym, back before we both fell off the wagon so hard that we left skidmarks on the highway. We've been doing more walking than anything these days, but the indoor track was closed today. So, we hit the gym.

There is an elliptical machine there that I love. It's a Precor EFX546, and it's like a ride. It's fun. I work up a huge sweat, but I don't feel like I'm going to die. The whole experience feels like play time. It's fabulous.

I bought an elliptical at home (well, I kind of got it free actually, because X fixed some chick's car, and it was like a barter thing, but I might have bought the car parts in exchange or something. I really don't remember.) Anyhow, the important thing is that it is not like a ride. It's like dying a slow and painful death, and I hate it. It's not even a little bit fun.

So, I was on the elliptical going to town, and I had about 5 minutes left when "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" came on my Ipod. I've been trying to add a few sprints once in a while to my walking, when I feel like it. And this song is great for that. It has really super fast parts interspersed with slower parts so you can catch your breath. I basically just tried to make my feet keep pace with the tempo of the music, and I ended up getting a really good workout.

A couple times it got unbelievably fast. At the point where Meatloaf sings, "I couldn't take it any longer. Lord I was crazed..." I was going so fast I thought I was going to propel myself right off the machine and into the air. Which seemed appropriate.

But the best part was right at the end, as the song was winding down and my workout was ending with it. I was exhausted and sweating like crazy, and Meatloaf and the chick (who is that chick anyway? Does anybody know? Did she ever do anything else?) sang, "Prayin' for the end of time, it's all that I can do. oooh ooooooooooh Prayin' for the end of time so I can end myyyy tiiiime wiiiith yooooooooou."

Yes, I was.

But it was fun.

Let's Get Physical!

Seriously ya'll, this weather has GOT to stop. I was doing so well with my walking when it was warm and sunny and I could easily and effortlessly get myself to walk outside during my lunch hours or when I got home in the evenings. Now it's dark, or nearly dark, when I get home, and it's cold and rainy and nasty. It just ain't happening.

Kathy and I walked at an indoor track during lunch the last couple days, and that was great. I need to get out of the office for a while, I need to not eat fast food when I do that, and I love to have my exercise done before I head home for a relaxing evening.

Yesterday I had nothing to grab to take for lunch except a can of Spaghetti O's. I was not thrilled with this menu, and I secretly hoped someone, anyone, would invite me to lunch and save me from eating little pasta o's swimming in bland tomato sauce. Thankfully, at about 10:30, Kathy IMed and asked, "What are you doing for lunch?" And I responded, "Going somewhere yummy with you?"

However, that means we didn't walk over lunch. But, thankfully, someone up there heard my prayers, and my boss breezed in about 3:00 and told us all to go home. Because she didn't want to work. Which works out well for me.

It was still cold, dark, and drizzly out, but not nearly as cold, dark, and drizzly as it's been. I got home, went out for the mail, and decided it wasn't too awful out to walk. So, I did. I had on my winter coat with the hood up, but I walked outside. And it was okay. And I felt a little better.

Most Awesome Song I Heard While Working Out: "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John
You had to know this one was coming eventually! I love me some Olivia, and I vividly remember when this song topped the charts (which is revealing my age a little bit). I'd been a fan for a few years already, and this song was just HUGE. I'll let you all in on a little secret. It's not really about aerobics. At all.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Owe You Guys an Apology

And no, it's not because of the insanely depressing weather we've having, as I can't do anything about that. But seriously, it's putting a HUGE damper on my walking, as well as my desire to get out of bed ever.

I ate my second of two of the new Healthy Choice entrees. The ones I was wholeheartedly recommending due to the fabulous $2 coupon they were offering and the $1.88 price on the freezer shelf of Wal-mart. I declared that in fact I was being paid to eat these and would eat about anything under those circumstances. Let me be clear, HC did not in fact pay me anything for recommending their product. I just thought it was an awesome deal and wished to share it with you dear readers.

I shared that I wasn't terribly thrilled with my first entree, the Tomato Basil Penne. It was okay, if you're an onion lover, which I'm not. I ate it, but I tasted onions all day.

Yesterday I had Mediterranean Pasta. It looked like a healthy meal, with whole grains, beans, and veggies, so I gave it a shot. As it cooked in the microwave at work, I started smelling cinnamon. Which seemed inappropriate. By the time the microwave dinged (dang?) there was the distinct aroma of cinnamon rolls filling my office. Which is an okay smell. Even a great smell. At BREAKFAST TIME. Not so much in a lunch of pasta, veggies, and beans.

But, being brave, and determined, and cheap, I dug in anyway. It tasted like cinnamon. It was horrible. As in, so horrible that I didn't eat it, and I threw it away. I don't throw food away. I'm that cheap.

So, I tried to be healthy. I ended up throwing the "healthy" meal in the trash and going to Wendy's for a sour cream and chive baked potato. And I ate my pear. So that part was okay.

Anyhow, if you tried the Healthy Choice meals based upon my "recommendation", I sincerely apologize. But if you did try one, do share your thoughts. I'm very curious about the pumpkin ravioli. However, based upon my cinnamon roll pasta, and the availablity of pumpkin ravioli, Regina and I brainstormed other dessert/lunches HC might want to try and came up with these:

chocolate spaghetti
strawberry short ribs
beef roast with Cool Whip and a cherry on top
raspberry salami squares
pepperoni cheesecake
hot fudge mashed potato sundae
salmon with lemon chiffon sauce
and caramel crab cakes

Seriously, I want a commission on sales from these.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Healthy Snack: Banana Smoothie Recipe

I don't know where I got this recipe, but I use it in a workshop I teach about children's nutrition. It's really yummy and nutritious, and it's a fun thing to make as a snack with kids. I was just sharing the recipe with Kathy, because she said her son is fascinated with the blender these days (and teaching him to make margaritas just doesn't seem okay).

Banana Smoothie

1 small frozen banana, cut into chunks
1/2 cup vanilla low-fat yogurt
1/4 cup orange juice

Put all ingredients into the blender and whirl until smooth. These are fairly thick. Add more liquid if you want them thinner. Make up your own variations using other fruits and juices. Makes 2 servings, each having 125 calories, 213 mg calcium, 10 mg vitamin C, 7 grams protein, and 160 mg sodium.

The original recipe called for plain yogurt, so using vanilla may make a few more calories, but not many, and the taste improvement is well worth it. Using the frozen banana makes it frosty and creamy just like ice cream.

For more great recipes, check out Tuesdays at the Table on Cole's blog!

Oh, and if you're anxiously awaiting the results of my weigh-in, I did in fact gain a bit, but not the full two pounds Saturday showed. When I weighed Sunday it was down about .6 from that. Still not good. Anyway, I'm back home and back in the routine, so hopefully I'll be moving that ticker in the proper direction soon! And I did actually do yoga Saturday as promised, plus I walked one day on my trip.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Heard Ya Missed Me! I'm Back!

Two of the three DTBMMLF ladies were away this week for a work conference, so I apologize for the lack of postings. I know you're eager to hear how well we stayed on the wagon (or were dragged behind the wagon, or maybe run over by the wagon), so here goes my tale of woe (or whoah!).

I did well for the first 24 hours. In fact, I did extremely well. I was quite proud of myself. I didn't eat any of the table candy the first day. I drank my water (and one diet soda). I had ordered the vegetarian option for the banquet that evening. We had about an hour break between the last session and the banquet, and Regina and I did in fact set out on a walk, even tackling a couple small (okay, one GIANT) hills. There was a cocktail hour before dinner, during which I ate fruit and drank water. Okay, I ate a couple pieces of cheese too. And some veggies with ranch, but still, not bad.

I was very pleased. I went to bed at a decent hour and slept okay. I started the next day feeling pretty good. Got my fruit in at breakfast. Avoided the candy on the tables during the sessions. Regina and I even "took a lap" at one particularly long break we had and got in maybe another 15 minutes of walking.

Until boredom and frustration finally set in toward the end of day two. In fact, I was going out of my mind during a particularly dull and useless speaker, and stumbled from the room into a lovely display of popcorn, pretzels, Rice Krispy Treats, ooey gooey brownies with cream cheese icing, and soda soda and more soda. And I succumbed. And I told Regina, "I have officially crossed over into not giving a shit any more." I filled my tub with popcorn (small tub, but still) chose the gooeyest brownie, grabbed a Krispy treat and a Diet Coke, and settled in for more boredom.

Now, in my defense, I only ate about half the popcorn and half the Rice Krispy treat. Dang that brownie was good though. I wanted about six more. And then I ended up eating more than I should have for supper (which is really dumb because I wasn't the least bit hungry after my snack anyway). And the next morning, we had to be up an hour earlier, and I was exhausted. Which led to a bigger than normal breakfast and three cups of coffee (with flavored creamer. More creamer than coffee probably). And we did cave in to the table candy that day too.

Anyhow, all in all, I weighed in this morning and was two pounds up. However, I'm gonna weigh again tomorrow and consider that "official." My weight gets so crazy when I'm on the road anyway, not eating right, not drinking enough, not sleeping well, not having adequate bathroom access, etc... So, I'm giving myself a day, and I'll let you know.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Healthy Recipe Makeover: Twice Baked Potatoes

The ladies of DTBMMLF thought our readers might enjoy some healthy recipe ideas, so we're participating in Tuesdays at the Table along with Cole and others. If you like potatoes like I like potatoes, this is a delicious alternative to the fat, cholesterol, and calorie laden original:

Twice Baked Potatoes

3 large baking potatoes
1/2 cup fat-free reduced-sodium chicken broth
1 cup KRAFT 2% Milk Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese, divided
1/3 cup thin green onion slices
1/4 cup BREAKSTONE'S Reduced Fat or KNUDSEN Light Sour Cream 1 tsp.
GREY POUPON Dijon Mustard
1/4 tsp. paprika

HEAT oven to 400ºF.

PIERCE potatoes in several places with tip of sharp knife. Bake 1 to 1-1/4 hours or until tender. Immediately cut potatoes lengthwise in half; scoop out centers, leaving 1/4-inch-thick shells.

BEAT potato pulp, broth, 1/2 cup cheese, onions, sour cream and mustard with mixer until well blended. Spoon into shells; top with remaining cheese and paprika.

BAKE 20 min. or until heated through.

I got this recipe through an e-mail from Kraft Kitchens. The recipes they send aren't all healthy, but most of them sure look yummy!

Visit Cole for more Tuesdays at the Table.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Now THAT's What I'm Talkin' About

I'm happy to report that after this morning's weigh-in, my little ticker is once again moving in the proper direction! I'm down 1.2 lbs. from last week!

I knew I would be. For several reasons:

1. It's just the time of the month when my weight goes down.
2. I had six "perfect" days this week, in which I met all of my baby steps goals.
3. I felt really good at yoga Thursday, like progress was being made.

So, while the number may be more a reflection of my hormones than anything, at this point, I'll take it! I know I'm doing the right things, and I can feel my body changing for the better. I felt so good this week about everything I've been doing, I was almost in that mode of not wanting to step on the scale. Because we all know we can do the right things and NOT lose any weight. When that happens to me I completely get discouraged and want to go eat cookie dough and lie on the couch, because what the hell does it matter apparently?!

Anyway, it's been a good week, and hopefully the current direction of the scale, my ticker, and my life, will continue!

Friday, November 6, 2009

In which I reveal my next baby step. And talk too much about my boobs.

Yoga last night was awesome, as always. Somehow I just felt like everything was "right" again. I felt strong and flexible, relaxed and focused.

I went early so I could walk (because I did in fact go to Taco Bell for lunch, rather than walking!). I walked about 40 minutes, and I actually jogged three laps. Not like all at once. I'd run a lap, walk a couple, run a lap, walk a couple.

Here's the thing. I seriously don't like running in public. Because my boobs are just insane. Regina has threatened to write a posting called "My Boobs are Out of Control" and if she doesn't do it soon, I think I will.

Anyway, so last night I was only jogging around the parts of the track where there are NOT hot men lifting weights. Because I didn't want crazy boobs flopping around running past the men.

So, as I was planning my next sprint, I thought, you know, maybe if I did more running in general, the boobs would eventually be less huge and chaotic. Then, I saw two women jogging who were mostly larger than me. Jogging past the men and everything. So I said screw it. And I ran past the men. Once. I swear every weight in the place dropped. But whatever. I might have imagined that.

Anyhow, yoga rocked, and during that time, my next "Baby Step" became clear. Yoga is only on Thursday nights. And I have to work the next two and can't go. Then the one after that is Thanksgiving. So...FOUR weeks until I go to yoga again? No.

I decided last night that yoga makes me feel so good that I cannot possibly skip it three weeks in a row. And I do actually have a yoga DVD that I love (maybe will post about that next week). So, my next baby step is that I WILL do yoga EVERY week, even if I can't go to class. I'll do my video on either Wednesday or Friday if I can't go to class on Thursday.

Maybe eventually I'll start doing the yoga once a week plus class once.

And, I'm concerned greatly about the horrors that next week will hold for my health efforts, because Regina and I will be away at a work thing. Long hours, lots of sitting, catered meals, chocolate on the tables. Me exhausted and trying desperately to stay awake. I decided last night to set a goal of walking one, just one, of the three days we're away, for at least 20 minutes. I know that's nothing. But really, for this conference, for me, it's big. I think I can.

Most Awesome Song I Heard While Working Out: "Afternoon Delight" by Starland Vocal Band. How is this a workout song, you ask? Well, it's not. Except that I just love it. It puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face. It's such a silly, cheesy, soothing, and dirty song.
I always though a fish could not be caught who wouldn't bite
But you've got some bait a waitin' and I think I might try nibbling
A little afternoon delight

I mean come on. It's fabulous.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Confession Wednesday Con't...

Since I'm too dense to figure out how to add to Regina and Janet's post. I'll just start a new one.
1. Having a bad, feeling like I'm a failure as a mommy, day. (the fact I can't figure out how to add to the post makes my day that much worse.)
2. I've eaten waaay too many McDonald's french fries over the last few days.
3. I second Regina's comment about the Diet Coke. Nothing I enjoy more after I put my son to bed than to get a cold glass of Diet Coke with a straw and sit infront of the tv, sipping my Diet Coke.
4. When I get into working out, I like sweating.
5. I like both the cake and the icing. Can't imagine one without the other, unless it's angel food cake. (which is my favorite cake)
6. Really tired of work. I just feel like being a lump on the couch today.
7. Very happy with my new haircut and dye job.
8. Very pissed at my mother-in-law at the moment. (a woman I normally love very much and get along with really well.)
9. Bought another new guitar that I secretly feel guilty about having because a friend just sold theirs for money issues.
10. Ate waaay to much candy on Halloween.

The Fat Free Scoop...

Confession Wednesday Button
We're dishing up a top ten confessions list in support of Confessions Wednesday and our online pal Karen.

Regina's Dirt:
1. I love French Fries - especially when I'm sick, there's no better cure.

2. I believe that holiday calories don't count. ("Holiday" is a very loosely interpreted term - National Sunshine Day could be a holiday, right?)

3. I like my cake naked. (without frosting- clothing is generally encouraged)

4. I'm totally crushing on Tom (my Tom Tom voice). Something so sexy about always having the right answer, never yelling at me, and always being flexible when I mess it up.

5. I fantasize about the perfect burning sensation of a ice cold Diet Coke. Daily. Sometimes hourly. Maybe even right now...

6. Bloggers give me hope that there is intelligent life out there...just not on my block and maybe not in my town...

7. I need to attend a "Negative Thoughts" Detox clinic. Referrals welcome.

8. I'm a yarn hoarder. I'll use it all - eventually. Or I'll give all my knitting friends something to fight about when I'm gone.

9. I've lost a Sunday or two to Lifetime (or some other form of bad TV).

10. When I visit the fitness center at work - I only go when it's empty and I can shut the lights off. (There are windows- no need for concern about treadmill injuries in the dark.)

Janet's Confessions:

1. I had McDonald's for breakfast. A sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit (oh, it gets worse, I had them ADD the cheese), hash browns, and an iced mocha.

2. I don't even like McDonald's mochas, but they're much cheaper than the coffee place where I do like the mochas.

3. Regina may like cake naked, but I'll eat icing without cake!

4. I'm wearing trouser jeans today, and I feel a bit like I'm getting away with something, because we aren't supposed to wear jeans at work. But I think I look more "professional" in my trouser jeans, nice top, and flats than my co-worker looks in her scrubs. I'm just sayin'.

5. Some days I secretly hope Kathy says she doesn't want to walk over lunch and wants to get Taco Bell instead. (She didn't say that today.)

6. I'm really very happy that Victor Newman is not leaving Young and the Restless after all. I was very sad when he was supposedly leaving. I get way to invested in these fictional characters.

7. X brings me cake sometimes from his work. Whenever someone has a birthday party there. I don't need the calories, and it doesn't help my diet. But I really like it that he knows I love cake, so he steals me cake.

8. I'm worried about my eating next week because I'll be away at a conference and all food is free (to me). I eat more when I don't have to pay for it.

9. I could work out, theoretically while I'm at said conference. But I won't. When I have free time, I'll shop. And knit.

10. I'm really happy for Karen getting her "SITS Day" today, but I'm also a bit jealous!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Alive! My Favorite Walk at My Favorite Time of Year

I had a rough morning. Mainly because I had a rough night. Have I told you before about my theory that if I could only SLEEP at night, I swear I'd be thinner? Of course, if I were thinner, I'd probably sleep better. Vicious circle. Or catch 22? Something like that.

Anyhoodle, it all adds up to my needing desperately to get out of the office over lunch today. Too tired. Too much coffee. Too many stupid people people who genuinely needed my assistance with legitimate questions and concerns.

We're having gorgeous fall weather here in Missouri right now. I can't believe it's November and I've got windows open and stuff. I really think fall is my favorite time of year. I read a theory once that people are happiest during the time of year when they were born. My birthday is in late October, so this makes complete sense to me. I love the fall colors, cooler weather, the sound of leaves rustling under foot, I even love the way fall smells.

I took one of my favorite walking routes today. It was just over 2.5 miles, which I know from plotting it out on Plot Your Walk. This route includes one killer hill I have to go up, a walk around a lake, a few smaller hills, even a big stairway to walk up and a concrete wall I walk on (balance is an important skill!).

By the time I got back to the office I was refreshed, both mentally and physically.

What's your favorite time of year? Does it go along with your birthday?

Most Awesome Song I Heard While Working Out: "I'm Alive" by ELO. Love me some Xanadu! And this is a great "pep me up" song. I heard it first thing when I started off on my walk today, which I thought was totally appropriate.

Monday, November 2, 2009

How do You Measure Progress?

I weighed in yesterday, and I was down by .2 lbs. Which makes me only .4 lbs. above where I was when I started this journey. My body fat percentage went down .1 percent also, which I think is a good thing. Even when my pounds were going down, for some reason, my fat percentage was not, which was troubling me.

I may start calculating how many pounds of fat I have on my body each weigh in, and using that as my guidepost. Because truthfully, that is the number I want going down, right? I mean the pounds overall need to go down, but I want to be adding muscle and losing fat.

What do you use to measure your progress? Inches? Pounds? Fat percentage? A pair of skinny jeans? Behaviors changed? Activities completed? Cookies not eaten?