Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome to the Stalemate!

Also known as "Overload Stress + Impending Family Event + Long Work Hours = Recipe for Disaster".

For those that, I have not been sucked into a black whole - close, but not really. After our long work weekend - I wanted to give my body time to recover. I swear to you I stepped on the scale and the number was had gone up above and beyond where I started. But some quick reflection on the fact that I swear every meal came with ZERO grams of fiber...and you can just skip the details but two days later I was back to where I was. I was a bit disappointed - this was the first year that I did not invoke my belief that "all calories consumed while out of town and working long hours DONT COUNT". So I got through the 3 day event with only 1 soda (in previous years I would have consumed a case on my own). I did fall victim to the brownie - but I resisted seconds AND I did not lick my plate - it was tempting. (in previous years - I would have consumed a bag of candy and then had an buffet of snack items on top of that) And on the final day, I did have 3 mini candies - and a milk shake. So overall, I was a saint.

And then I came home - while I had only CONSUMED one soda. I'd picked up two, not opened them and put them in my bag. Just touching them was enough to get me through- yes, I realize what an addict I am...don't judge. Anyway, I managed to drink both of those over the weekend. (proof that my theory of not having any in the house does help) Then I had a day at work that inspired me to crack open not one, but two at my desk - and trust me, it was a matter of drinking or going on a killing spree. So this week won't go down in the "victory column" either. But for every time I've fallen off the wagon, I have not adopted the "well, I've already blown in - might as well do this too...." theory. I have managed to keep some control.

And while most of my week was NOT successful with exercise, I did walk at my work event, and I have begun the one minute time trails with my son. We see how many sit ups and push ups we can do in one minute. It's a short torture, but I'm hoping for some results.

And I know we are approaching / now into the "New Moon" era...but seriously, what is happening to the world? Is there a secret full moon? Has swine flu affected the brains of everyone in places of authority? Has someone been spiking the kool-aid? Lay off the crazy pills please, you are driving me mad - and you know who you are! (and not in that good - gets you on the front cover of a magazine kind of way)

On the scale front, the numbers just keep hanging around the same place. And that's okay given the stress factor and the upcoming doom of the holiday feeding frenzy. If I can get through the next week with no backslide - that will equal success.
Did you even notice how much of the turkey day spread is carb loaded? Maybe I can sneak some fiber in the stuffing? LOL!

And a word of progress - it appears that maybe the secret to weight loss is exposure to the common cold germ. I have cared less about lunch most days this week - which is always a sign of illness. Apparently, if you have no energy left to care - you don't mind rice cakes with peanut butter for lunch. Is there a market for this? We shall see...


singedwingangel said...

Aww hun sorry your week has been so stressful.. but it will get better. My addiction is coffee all day every day... I think my hubby would fall over if he saw me with a bottle of water lol..I thought about the Thanksgiving menu the other day and thought WOW that is al ot of carbs lol.. I mean stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn pudding , hello can we say diabetic coma off of the carbs in those plates alone... here's wishing you a less stressful week hun.. be blessed

Janet said...

I was gonna post this morning, but instead, I'll just say, "Ditto what she said."

Crazy crazy week all around. And I am just NOT weighing in this weekend, because my boobs are like bowling balls on my chest. Literally, they feel like each one weighs 15 pounds. Just took some Midol, so we'll see how that helps.

All in all, I think we can brand the conference a big success in the healthy fight. We did walk, TWICE. We ate way less fat and sugar than we would have before, and drank much less soda. Progress, not perfection.

Hope you are feeling better today.

Janet said...

Oh, and I feel I must say, the DTBMMLF girls do not endorse the "Weight Loss Tip of the Day" that's telling y'all today to guzzle all the diet soda you want. We don't pick 'em.

Karen said...

Just don't beat yourself up! Sounds like you've done well despite everything.

And I think adding some fiber to the stuffing is a GREAT idea!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Sorry your week has been so blah. I'm with Karen - don't beat yourself up! Despite all the stuff going on you've done pretty well!