Monday, November 2, 2009

How do You Measure Progress?

I weighed in yesterday, and I was down by .2 lbs. Which makes me only .4 lbs. above where I was when I started this journey. My body fat percentage went down .1 percent also, which I think is a good thing. Even when my pounds were going down, for some reason, my fat percentage was not, which was troubling me.

I may start calculating how many pounds of fat I have on my body each weigh in, and using that as my guidepost. Because truthfully, that is the number I want going down, right? I mean the pounds overall need to go down, but I want to be adding muscle and losing fat.

What do you use to measure your progress? Inches? Pounds? Fat percentage? A pair of skinny jeans? Behaviors changed? Activities completed? Cookies not eaten?

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