Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Confession Wednesday Con't...

Since I'm too dense to figure out how to add to Regina and Janet's post. I'll just start a new one.
1. Having a bad, feeling like I'm a failure as a mommy, day. (the fact I can't figure out how to add to the post makes my day that much worse.)
2. I've eaten waaay too many McDonald's french fries over the last few days.
3. I second Regina's comment about the Diet Coke. Nothing I enjoy more after I put my son to bed than to get a cold glass of Diet Coke with a straw and sit infront of the tv, sipping my Diet Coke.
4. When I get into working out, I like sweating.
5. I like both the cake and the icing. Can't imagine one without the other, unless it's angel food cake. (which is my favorite cake)
6. Really tired of work. I just feel like being a lump on the couch today.
7. Very happy with my new haircut and dye job.
8. Very pissed at my mother-in-law at the moment. (a woman I normally love very much and get along with really well.)
9. Bought another new guitar that I secretly feel guilty about having because a friend just sold theirs for money issues.
10. Ate waaay to much candy on Halloween.


Regina said...

Kathy - Don't feel bad, we all have a bad week - I've scheduled mine for next week. =)

Karen said...

I hope your week gets better! It's halfway to the weekend!

And I'm with you on pretty much your entire list. :-)

Janet said...

Your hair does look good!