Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Fat Free Scoop...

Confession Wednesday Button
We're dishing up a top ten confessions list in support of Confessions Wednesday and our online pal Karen.

Regina's Dirt:
1. I love French Fries - especially when I'm sick, there's no better cure.

2. I believe that holiday calories don't count. ("Holiday" is a very loosely interpreted term - National Sunshine Day could be a holiday, right?)

3. I like my cake naked. (without frosting- clothing is generally encouraged)

4. I'm totally crushing on Tom (my Tom Tom voice). Something so sexy about always having the right answer, never yelling at me, and always being flexible when I mess it up.

5. I fantasize about the perfect burning sensation of a ice cold Diet Coke. Daily. Sometimes hourly. Maybe even right now...

6. Bloggers give me hope that there is intelligent life out there...just not on my block and maybe not in my town...

7. I need to attend a "Negative Thoughts" Detox clinic. Referrals welcome.

8. I'm a yarn hoarder. I'll use it all - eventually. Or I'll give all my knitting friends something to fight about when I'm gone.

9. I've lost a Sunday or two to Lifetime (or some other form of bad TV).

10. When I visit the fitness center at work - I only go when it's empty and I can shut the lights off. (There are windows- no need for concern about treadmill injuries in the dark.)

Janet's Confessions:

1. I had McDonald's for breakfast. A sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit (oh, it gets worse, I had them ADD the cheese), hash browns, and an iced mocha.

2. I don't even like McDonald's mochas, but they're much cheaper than the coffee place where I do like the mochas.

3. Regina may like cake naked, but I'll eat icing without cake!

4. I'm wearing trouser jeans today, and I feel a bit like I'm getting away with something, because we aren't supposed to wear jeans at work. But I think I look more "professional" in my trouser jeans, nice top, and flats than my co-worker looks in her scrubs. I'm just sayin'.

5. Some days I secretly hope Kathy says she doesn't want to walk over lunch and wants to get Taco Bell instead. (She didn't say that today.)

6. I'm really very happy that Victor Newman is not leaving Young and the Restless after all. I was very sad when he was supposedly leaving. I get way to invested in these fictional characters.

7. X brings me cake sometimes from his work. Whenever someone has a birthday party there. I don't need the calories, and it doesn't help my diet. But I really like it that he knows I love cake, so he steals me cake.

8. I'm worried about my eating next week because I'll be away at a conference and all food is free (to me). I eat more when I don't have to pay for it.

9. I could work out, theoretically while I'm at said conference. But I won't. When I have free time, I'll shop. And knit.

10. I'm really happy for Karen getting her "SITS Day" today, but I'm also a bit jealous!


singedwingangel said...

Ty so much fro dropping by my blog, glad you got a laugh.. I too love cake naked or not all cake is good, well except for fruitcake, I have enough fruitcakes in my life without adding them to my diet lol..

Karen said...

Thank you so much for participating, ladies!

I can pretty much say "ditto!" to just about everything on your lists!

And, Janet, it's a great day when it finally happens. I signed up back in, like, May. So it's been a lot time coming and totally worth it!