Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Heard Ya Missed Me! I'm Back!

Two of the three DTBMMLF ladies were away this week for a work conference, so I apologize for the lack of postings. I know you're eager to hear how well we stayed on the wagon (or were dragged behind the wagon, or maybe run over by the wagon), so here goes my tale of woe (or whoah!).

I did well for the first 24 hours. In fact, I did extremely well. I was quite proud of myself. I didn't eat any of the table candy the first day. I drank my water (and one diet soda). I had ordered the vegetarian option for the banquet that evening. We had about an hour break between the last session and the banquet, and Regina and I did in fact set out on a walk, even tackling a couple small (okay, one GIANT) hills. There was a cocktail hour before dinner, during which I ate fruit and drank water. Okay, I ate a couple pieces of cheese too. And some veggies with ranch, but still, not bad.

I was very pleased. I went to bed at a decent hour and slept okay. I started the next day feeling pretty good. Got my fruit in at breakfast. Avoided the candy on the tables during the sessions. Regina and I even "took a lap" at one particularly long break we had and got in maybe another 15 minutes of walking.

Until boredom and frustration finally set in toward the end of day two. In fact, I was going out of my mind during a particularly dull and useless speaker, and stumbled from the room into a lovely display of popcorn, pretzels, Rice Krispy Treats, ooey gooey brownies with cream cheese icing, and soda soda and more soda. And I succumbed. And I told Regina, "I have officially crossed over into not giving a shit any more." I filled my tub with popcorn (small tub, but still) chose the gooeyest brownie, grabbed a Krispy treat and a Diet Coke, and settled in for more boredom.

Now, in my defense, I only ate about half the popcorn and half the Rice Krispy treat. Dang that brownie was good though. I wanted about six more. And then I ended up eating more than I should have for supper (which is really dumb because I wasn't the least bit hungry after my snack anyway). And the next morning, we had to be up an hour earlier, and I was exhausted. Which led to a bigger than normal breakfast and three cups of coffee (with flavored creamer. More creamer than coffee probably). And we did cave in to the table candy that day too.

Anyhow, all in all, I weighed in this morning and was two pounds up. However, I'm gonna weigh again tomorrow and consider that "official." My weight gets so crazy when I'm on the road anyway, not eating right, not drinking enough, not sleeping well, not having adequate bathroom access, etc... So, I'm giving myself a day, and I'll let you know.


singedwingangel said...

hey you held out longer then I would have lol the brownies would have been my downfall. that is about the ONLY chocolate caek item that does me in rofl.. woulda been better warm with ice cream and fudge topping though just sayin' wait that didn't help did it lol

Jess said...

"I have officially crossed over into not giving a shit anymore."

Haven't we all gone there?! Seriously, I laughed my ass off when I read that (and it was a lot of ass to laugh off, believe me.)

Tomorrow will be official and it'll be awesome, just you wait and see. Congrats on sticking to one day of being super-duper good, though.