Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Alive! My Favorite Walk at My Favorite Time of Year

I had a rough morning. Mainly because I had a rough night. Have I told you before about my theory that if I could only SLEEP at night, I swear I'd be thinner? Of course, if I were thinner, I'd probably sleep better. Vicious circle. Or catch 22? Something like that.

Anyhoodle, it all adds up to my needing desperately to get out of the office over lunch today. Too tired. Too much coffee. Too many stupid people people who genuinely needed my assistance with legitimate questions and concerns.

We're having gorgeous fall weather here in Missouri right now. I can't believe it's November and I've got windows open and stuff. I really think fall is my favorite time of year. I read a theory once that people are happiest during the time of year when they were born. My birthday is in late October, so this makes complete sense to me. I love the fall colors, cooler weather, the sound of leaves rustling under foot, I even love the way fall smells.

I took one of my favorite walking routes today. It was just over 2.5 miles, which I know from plotting it out on Plot Your Walk. This route includes one killer hill I have to go up, a walk around a lake, a few smaller hills, even a big stairway to walk up and a concrete wall I walk on (balance is an important skill!).

By the time I got back to the office I was refreshed, both mentally and physically.

What's your favorite time of year? Does it go along with your birthday?

Most Awesome Song I Heard While Working Out: "I'm Alive" by ELO. Love me some Xanadu! And this is a great "pep me up" song. I heard it first thing when I started off on my walk today, which I thought was totally appropriate.


Karen said...

My favorite time of year is NOT when I was born. I was born in February and I'm not really a fan of winter. My favorite is Spring.

Glad you're having excellent weather! Makes it easier to get out and walk!

Regina said...

Mine is NOT my bday as well- it's August and in MO that equals humidity and heat that can make your skin melt right off of you. Now, perhaps if I was beach side, August would be divine.

You know, I'm not so much a season person - as I am a "day" person. I think they are amazing DAYS in each season - and I think this week is promising to deliver at least one of those! So keep enjoying!