Friday, January 29, 2010

Ask and You Shall Receive...Update

Well last week I was in distress because my favorite flavor of water packet is being removed from the shelves of all of my local shopperies. Shortly after that - I was working late and happened to be drinking my energy mix to avoid the temptation of soda-land. As my night was coming to a close, I developed a horrible migraine - which left me feeling nauseous / fuzzy eyed for my entire hour plus long drive home - in a thick fog. By the time I got home I was in tears and contemplating self-brain removal to end the pain. I woke the next morning with the migraine still raging in my head - not enough to make me fully nauseous - just enough to make me remember it could crush me at any moment.

The fortunate side-effect of this (see how I'm looking for the positive? Brownie point anyone?) is that I completely have one of those food / illness associations and I've gone most of the week without my drinking any at all. Which is quite amazing - b/c it has really become a daily requirement (at least on work days) So - I guess the moral is be careful what you wish for.
On with the rest of the report:
  • Consume a limit of 1 soda per week. I had hopes of going a full month without a soda - however, a visit to a house that could only be described as my allergies-worst-nightmares led to symptoms including difficulty breathing, my throat threatening to swell shut, and in general feeling like I'd been poisoned (after not ever getting back to normal from previously mentioned migraine and also this treatment!) In my compromised state - I consumed 1 soda (on a Sunday no less). It wasn't even gone before the regret set in, but if 1 a month is going to be my new average - that's not bad at all.
  • Do Push-Up's 3xs a week. Done. I have been increasing the length of the sets to build some more endurance. And to meet my "able to do 50 push ups" goal.
  • Walk 2xs a week. Done- we've decided this is what the mall is for.
  • Reduce calories and keep food journal. No. It didn't happen in any sort of formal manner. I knew when I needed to stop - I just didn't always listen. I appreciate all the suggestions for online food trackers - it's just not my thing and I still don't like them - but I'm glad that they seem to work for so many of you. I will officially do better next week in this area.
  • Purchase no more than 5 boxes per week. Apparently this was my "epic fail" week! LOL I did surpass my box quota - twice. I had not had a real "stock up" shopping trip and some prices were just too good to pass up. However, the vast majority of boxes that I did buy were NOT junk food - so I think that counts for something.
Little thing about me: I have a sweet tooth. This week I've fallen off the wagon due to butterscotch blondies and dark chocolate that I've been dipping in white chocolate peanut butter (no trans fats and no high fructose). Regardless of my sugar addiction - I have managed to keep the scale in the same place. I would ask for help avoiding my sugar craving ways- but I'm afraid of how the Universe might deliver that "gift".


Katherine said...

I also have a huge sweet tooth. Sometimes it takes control of my brain and says let's not only make Rice Crispy treats, let's double the recipe.

Janet said...

I think one soda per month is awesome. My tiny little step is to only have caffeine free soda at home. When out and about, that isn't always an option, but I realized that at home, it is, and that's one little step I can take toward better eating.

Great job on the walking and push ups too. I need to get back to my push ups/crunches routine.

South Beach Steve said...

I have noticed that my sweet tooth is back after a reasonable hiatus. I think by totally avoiding it, I tamed it for a while, but lately I have been enjoying some dark chocolate, and I am once again craving sweets. Hmmm.

Good job on the exercise. Let's make this a great week!