Friday, January 1, 2010

You Had to See This One Coming!

Recap of 2009 -
I did lose some weight - not enough to "see" but it's a start.
I did make some progress on the decluttering home front - not nearly enough.
I did significantly reduce my soda consumption - mostly going to a soda free life style.

Looking forward to 2010 -
Santa did do some things to help me get on a jump start on my fitness goals.
I'm the proud new owner of the Reebok Easytone shoes. What I like best is that they don't look like a "special shoe" but they feel great. With the multi-inches of sludge that we are currently living in, I have been hesitant to use them out and about. But I look forward to seeing how they help.

Santa also brought this...for my son and I to use.

I like the price of this piece of equipment. It's pretty fun to use and when you are done it slides right under the couch / side table for storage. I'm sure that Santa was hoping that this would help get my son off the exercise ball long enough that I can possibly use it.

Based on my recent scientific discovery (see article Fact or Crap)- I'm adjusting my weight loss goal to be more in alignment with those suggestions. I'm giving myself 6 months (though I would be lying if I didn't say that I hope it will take less) to meet the goal.

I'm also planning to use The Perfect 10 Challenge to keep myself on track.

And with that comes some goals that must be put to paper:

1. Drink no more than one soda a week.
2. Do push ups 3 times a week (at my desk or at home).
3. Walk or hit the treadmill 2 times a week.
4. Restrict calories and keep the food journal to stay on track. (HUGE ICK! - but I know it works, so I'm submitting)
5. Limit number of boxes that contain food (ish) items (I'm shooting for no more than 5 on any shopping trip) in accordance with my "You Won't Find It In A Box" thoughts.

As part of this challenge - there are weekly updates (which will help me be a better blogger).

So ready or not - here we go...what are you doing differently this year? We all get the same number of days - let's make the most of them!


Tricia said...

Good luck with your challenge!

South Beach Steve said...

I am glad to have you join in The Perfect 10 Regina. I think the goals look great. Putting them down on paper is important, if you ask me. I wish you the best with them!

Janet said...

I must say congrats on the soda victory for 2009. I'm still struggling to stay afloat in that battle. However, my step-monster would be proud. She proclaimed, among her many proclamations yesterday, that she no longer drinks diet soda, because her doctor friend told her that the "Acetaminophen" in diet soda is "death to your kidneys."

I'm not sure what kind of soda she was drinking that also packs painkillers, but I might have to get some of that! Let's hear it for Vicodin laced Diet Dr. Pepper!