Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Take The Box Challenge - I Dare You!

A bit ago - I shared the blog "You Won't Find It In A Box" - and basically my thinking was that if you eliminated boxes from your shopping list, you'd improve the state of your health (with just a few exceptions).

So I'm starting The Box Challenge. *applause, please*

What can you win? Nothing! *oooh*
What can you gain? Less grocery bags. *aahhhh*
What can you lose? I'm predicting - weight! *yeah!*
What happens if you fail? Self-punishment is in your hands. *boo!*
When do we start? How about now?

And we'll go about a month (officially) and end in time to observer the great chocolate tradition of Valentines Day - though, seriously dude, if you are buying more than 5 of those heart boxes - your following in the footsteps of Tiger Woods and that didn't end so well - so just put the chocolate down...I digress.

The rules. (as I quickly discovered this is trickier than it sounds)
1. Vegetables that are purchased in a box DO NOT COUNT as a box.
(though you could be a dear and buy it out of a bag - just for the sake of following along)

2. Tea or other drink products that are calorie free OR less than 10 calories per serving do not count. Soda ABSOLUTELY counts if it comes in a box form.

3. Oatmeal (or other cereal- as pointed out by Janet) doesn't count as long as it is less than 12 grams of sugar per serving.

4. Dried fruits don't count (so long as they don't include high fructose syrup).

5. Non-food items don't count. No need to go without your favorite over the counter med or cosmetic product!

5. You are allowed 5 boxes on any given shopping trip. (A shopping trip should be defined as leaving the house and returning - regardless of number of stores you visit in between.) And while I am sure that no one would consider such things - let it be said: sending your significant other out to purchase all of the normal box items would be considered cheating.

The object is not to be perfect. Just to eliminate a lot of crap - that happens to be packaged in boxes. Join us (see how I just volunteered Janet to join in) by leaving a comment and come back now and again to let us know how you are doing - and if your scale thanks you! I"ll be self reporting about once a week as part of The Perfect 10 challenge. Happy shopping!


Jess said...

I like this it's creative. Luckily candy bars still come in a wrapper. I have never been that good with the whole spirit of the law concept.

Regina said...

ha! This is true - unless you are buying a 6 pack - which comes in a box-ish package. But then, maybe that's a whole DIFFERNT problem...if you are on a Health Mission - and buying a BOX of candy bars? LOL

Karen said...

I'll take that challenge.

Just one question...what about whole wheat pastas that come in a box?

Regina said...

Hmmm. Excellent question and yeah for you with the whole wheat! Let's say that pasta will NOT count so long as there is no "enriched" ingredient of any kind listed AND the whole wheat is one of the first two listed.

If those 2 criteria are NOT met- then it just counts as one of your 5 boxes for the trip.

That being said - and being on my 2nd trip of the week - I'm trying to stick to 5 boxes a week - but that's just me and wouldn't be such an issue if I was a better planner.

Alison @ Hospitality Haven said...

Interesting challenge!! I think another interesting one would be not buying anything in a can...! There are some sketchy things out there in cans!

Janet said...

Okay, I'm a rules person. (You know my motto: Tell me the rules, and then don't change the rules.) My problem is, I might go to the store 3 times in a week, thus giving me 15 boxes? Might have to use your rule of 5 per week, period. Also, some quite good for you cereals come in boxes, so I think that should be an exception too. And thanks for roping me into this too!

single lutheran said...

This is such a great idea! I think I'll try to keep it in mind the next time I go grocery shopping. I do know that I have a tendency to live on canned and boxed foods; it's hard when you are single and don't have a lot of time to make meals.

Also, do the microwave meals, like Healthy Choice count? Because I get those sometimes for my lunches at work.

Thanks again for sharing this great idea. I'm definately going to be checking out the blog for some more ideas to help me lose weight this year.