Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Can Go Your Own Way

Except when walking on the track.  Because seriously, you just shouldn't walk the wrong direction on the track.  This means YOU, elderly gentleman who arrived halfway through my walk today.  Honestly, why would you insist upon doing your entire walk in the wrong direction?  And in the lane next to me?  There are six lanes.  I'm in the outside one.  You could have chosen any of the other four, but you chose the one next to me.  Then proceeded to walk the wrong direction.  Which means that every half lap, we were walking directly towards each other.

Can you say, "Awkward?"  I said, "Hi," the first time we met.  Am I required to say it each (of the 14 subsequent) times?  Is a smile enough?  Do I really have to acknowledge you every half lap at all?

And I know I'm not the one walking the wrong direction.  When I arrived, there were three other people walking/running in this direction.  I've been walking on this very track for...20 years?  (Geesh, I don't like the sound of that.  I should be better at it by now.)  This is the direction everyone always walks.  Heck, it's the direction everyone walks on EVERY track in America.  You sir, are confused.  And your insistence on continuing in this manner is confusing me.

Also?  Imposing basketball player dude?  Why are you sitting in the chair two inches from the track and staring at my chest every time I walk past?

Ugh.  I hate that sometimes people make working out more uncomfortable for me.  Because it's hard enough to motivate myself to go and do it.  I don't need any additional negative input.

Anyway, on a positive note:  Todays Most Awesome Song I Heard While Working Out  is Britney Spears, "I'm a Slave 4U."  I'm not so sure I'm behind the message in the lyrics (Especially that part about "Baby Bahama na ma na."  Oh, wait, I just looked it up.  She's actually saying, "Leaving behind my name and age."  Sorry, I was channeling R there.  He has the uncanny ability to turn reasonable song lyrics into something completely nonsensical.) but I love the beat.


Regina said...

I am gasping at the fact that such music is on your mp3. It's not a judgment - it's on mine too. It just surprises me.

Best song on my walk today: Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful - oh yes, it's Prince.

Janet said...

Exhibit A: R is singing along with Don Henley's "The Boys of Summer." He just said, "I can seeeeee you...your breasts get shadowed in the sun..."

Christina Lee said...

haha awkward!! thanks for making me smile!

Karen said...

I hate when people do that.

Almost as much as I hate almost every song by Brittney Spears. ;-)