Wednesday, January 27, 2010

24 Hour Fitness Update

So far, so good. Went both Monday and Tuesday nights! Monday was my first time there. My husband had went on Sunday morning so he knew a little more of what to expect. We took our son with us so he could experience Kid's Club. It was very crowded but I kinda expected that for 6:30 on a Monday night. So the first thing we do is take our son to Kid's Club. There is a line of people waiting to go in and I'm like what is up with this? Then I notice a sign on the door saying "One Family at a time allowed in Kid's Club". Okay I'll wait. I swear the family in there took at least 2 minutes while we were waiting and more people began waiting behind us. Finally they come out and the next "family" goes in. Takes another minute or two. Finally we go in and I sign the paper for our son to play. I tell them it's our first time there and they say you'll need to fill out this paper work. So I start to fill it out and this lady shoo's me out of the room and says you need to fill it out outside. So okay this is fine but it will take me a minute to fill it out and you've already made me wait five minutes. But whatever there IS a line. So I fill out the paper work (which pretty much absolves them of any kind of responsibility) I think I will feel safer with my 11 year old neighbor watching him. Anyway, I have to get back in line to take the paper work back in. Go back in drop it off, walk out and the
lady who looked like a supervisor walks past and says "will he have any grandparents dropping him off sometime?" I'm thinking grandparents??? What do people us this as a babysitting service. I tell her no. Then she says, "is your husbands name on the paperwork"? Umm... no you didn't tell us both parents should fill it out. So back in line we go to have my husband put his name on the paperwork. I'm thinking, see lady if you would have let us fill it out in front of someone they could have told us all of this instead of standing in line and going back and forth for 10 minutes. So finally we get that all settled. Our son looks like he's having a good time playing video games. We finally walk upstairs to work out. Every elliptical machine on the front row is taken (there must be at least 20 or 30). Second row we find two that are together and start working out. They have like 8 TV's set to different channels. Half of which are sports, then a few on different networks. One of which is FOX NEWS. Now I'm a Democrat and kinda liberal so it always pisses me off when I go to a place of business and FOX News is on the tv. I mean come on people, I can understand having news on but at least choose CNN where it's middle of the road. I can understand not having MSNBC because they are more liberal but FOX! Really!? Bill O'Reilly's face is not something I want to see while working out. So anyway, I end up "watching" The Bachelor. A show that Janet watches regularly and I have never watched and never planned to but I thought at least I can talk to Janet about it tomorrow. After about 2 minutes I understood why I've never watched the show. But almost anything was better than Bill O'Reilly. So we do the elliptical for 35 minutes. I did 2.5 miles! Went downstairs to workout on some weight machines. They have a great idea with about 6 rows of weight machines all identical so you can start at one machine and work your way down the row working out the different parts of your body. If the next machine is taken in your row just skip to the next row and use that machine because it's identical to the one in the row you are on. So we had a really great workout. Then back to Kid's Club to pick up our son. Only one person in line this time and they were farely quick. Go in and our son seems to be having a great time. The girl says ummm "him and another boy bumped into each other and his mouth started bleeding. GRRREAAT... I said well it's probably his loose tooth. She said it just happened that's why we didn't call you. (No one looked real concerned anyway) They were both more busy cleaning up so they could leave in 10 minutes. So we gather up our kid and we ask him how he liked it and he said, "I don't want to go back". "Why?" "The boy didn't apologize for hitting me and I want to workout with you". I explain that he has to be older to do that. Not a happy camper at this answer. So, we'll see if we use the Kid's Club again. I wasn't impressed in the least with the place and I'm not sure how safe my child is in the place. However, last night went much better. I went by myself and got there about 9pm after I got my son to bed.(hubby stayed home) A lot less crowded,I found an elliptical right in front of the television that had Lost on and did about 2.7 miles and actually felt pretty good when I left. I'm planning on going back tonight.


Karen said...

Well, my 24 Hour Fitness usually plays CNN which I can't stand because, to me, it's not middle of the road either.

But I really just don't want to watch the news while I'm working out anyway. Whether it's CNN or Fox News or the NBC Nightly News or what have you. If I'm working out I want to watch something motivating.

Good job on your workout! Two and a half miles is definitely a good thing!

Janet said...

You've got me seriously wondering now who (if anyone, which I'm doubting) regulates these child care facilities.

Anyway, glad you had a good workout, and I'm glad you watched a little of the Bachelor! Hee hee

Elizabeth's Gone said...

Maybe if they want to have news on they just put it on C-Span. No commentary at all on there.