Sunday, January 10, 2010

You're Only as Old as Your Scale Thinks You Are

Okay people, I'm getting back onto this health and fitness wagon.  I actually did a yoga video yesterday, (did not brave the snow to try to get to class) and I walked on the treadmill today.  I also updated and printed out my Baby Steps sticker chart for the next couple weeks.

I'm a list checker kinda gal.  I make To Do lists.  I do the stuff on them.  I mark the stuff off.  If I do something that's not on the list, I write it on the list, then I check it off.  So, I think the chart thing was really helping me last year.  I'm gonna just check things off now though, rather than using stickers.  I've got so many things on the chart now, stickers were getting expensive!

My chart now has water, fruit, vitamin, fiber supplement, walking, crunches, and push ups.  It also has a place to record weekly whether I went to yoga, how much I weighed, what my fat % is, and how many pounds of fat I have.  If anyone wants the chart, leave a comment or send me an email with your email address.  It's nothing fancy, just a Word document with some clip art.  But I'm always willing to share.

While I was updating things, I decided to correct my mistaken scale.  I have a fancy schmancy scale that keeps track of body fat, etc...  Well, I realized when I weighed the other day, that somehow my scale got the crazy notion that I'm 63 years old.  Maybe it re-calibrated itself after seeing me without makeup (or clothes!) so many times?

This led me to wonder, if my scale thinks I'm older than I am, is it calculating me with more or less body fat?  I don't know.  But I fixed it today, so maybe we'll see in about a week when I weigh in next.

Most Awesome Song I Heard While Working Out
"Nothin' but a Good Time" by Poison  R helped me put some new songs on my IPod the other day, and this was one of them.  Funny thing is, back in the 80's I was not into hair metal at all.  Now all those songs seem pretty tame.  This one is upbeat and fun, and I was rockin' out, "..and it don't get better than this!" while walking on my treadmill in the basement.  Except that I do actually think it gets better than what I was doing at that moment.  But whatever.


Katherine said...

Stopping by from Karen's.

Absolutely great blog! I'm going to be stopping by a lot as I, too, try to get myself on track and try to lose the weight.

greedygrace said...

visiting from a peek at Karen's World!

I find that it is SO HARD to get back on track! It takes every shred of will I have to get out of bed in the morning to work out! But yea me! I did it three times last week! That's more than I've done in the last 6 months!

Adie said...

I am a big list kinda girl too! Id love to see your list, as I currently dont have one.

if you would pop over to my profile and email me that id love it! Thanks!

Acting Balanced Mom said...

visiting from Karen's blog - but glad I found this... haven't been working on my own goals and I need to...thanks for the motivation :)

Deanna said...

I went to the gym yesterday. Am going to go again today. Now if I could just quit eating...

Karen said...

That is too funny about the scale!

And I know what you mean about the hair metal. I used to hate it in the 80s because it was so hard core, but now I can't believe how tame it is.