Monday, February 1, 2010

If You Would Just Listen

Much along the lines of my Embrace the Blah post. I need to stop and listen.

I over did it last night. I knew when I ordered that I was not making wise choices. I wasn't even that hungry - but I wasn't listening to my body. And so today, I'm banging my head against the wall. When, oh when, will I learn to take a moment to listen?

I'm such a hypocrite! I probably told my son a million times to "listen to your body" when we were potty training. And I'm not even doing it for my own body.

My body tells me things when I take the time to listen:

It tells me that sometimes eating sweets really makes me feel kind of sick after the fact.

It tells me that soda isn't satisfying - except for the burn down my throat.

It tells me that I'm not hungry just because the clock says it's dinner time.

It tells me that I want something healthy when I'm looking for a junk food to satisfy.

It tells me that several of the foods that I crave - really aren't that yummy / enjoyable.

It tells me that when I move, I have more energy to keep moving.

And this morning - when I took a moment to just stop and breathe and listen. I was reminded of the reward for listening. When I embraced the silence, I hear this crackling noise. It was very soft so it could have easily been overpowered by movement. But in stillness it was very clear. And upon looking into the mirror - I found a huge blob of moose sitting on my ear. See, listening can help to avoid all sorts of things - being overweight, health problems getting out of control, or embarrassing moments on days that you are planning to be in front of a group.

I promise, to listen more to you - body. And then I promise to try to be better at following through with your requests.

Are you listening to your body / practicing mindful eating?

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Janet said...

You know, I had a moment during final relaxation at yoga last week, where I was remembering the idea from A New Earth about our true selves being "the awareness." And it hit me that basically most of the time, I'm not very aware. Of my body, my emotions, my hunger, my need for movement, my need for quiet, etc... I need to focus on that daily, or preferably many times a day.