Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekly Update

This one will be short and sweet.

I am not feeling sweet - I am feeling sweaty and it has nothing to do with exercise.

My little one appears to have shared his germs with me - for Valentines Day. Awwww.

So, it all comes down to this -
Exercise - nope none of it happened. I thought of it. I thought of the fact that I was dressed, at work, felt like poop and had deadlines - and that is as far as we got.

Overeating - nope. I don't have the energy to lift that much food to my mouth. Nor to cook. Nor to drive to pick up food. Nor to yell for dinner service... is the universe trying to HELP me? And I knew I was getting sick when rice cakes were the thing that sounded best for lunch.

Soda - I did have a soda day. When your throat is dry and itchy - that is when I need the burn BAD. Now, I believe I would have NOT consumed a soda if it were not for the fact that I was trapped at a work event that day in which I was paying $4 a person for beverages! (which I thought was an insane price for 3 varieties of 2 liters with ice and tap water) Regardless, had soda and will sooth my throat for the rest of this illness with club soda so I don't have to confess to being a huge cheater. As penance I plan to consume no more soda in the month of February. (Even notice how close the word penance is to penis? just saying. )

Boxes - None. The public is infested with germs and I should resist the urge to send this bug back out into the world.

Unknown fact of the wonder-of-me: When I have the itchy throat - I NEED McD's fries. It's not something to be proud of - but it's a moment of weakness. I believe that trans fats may be the cure to the common


Janet said...

Well, I'm terribly sorry you aren't feeling well. I am finally getting a bit better myself. Do you suppose I gave you my cold through instant messaging?

I think, given the busy week you've had, and with you not feeling well, you did pretty good this week.

Deanna said...

Get better soon! And errrr NO to your question. lol

Crystal Escobar said...

ooh, yum, I'm always looking for good healthy recipes :), following now for sure!
Congratulations on the 7 lbs lost already! So exciting. If you ever need any weight loss tips, check out my weight loss tab, there is info on how I lost 25 lbs and went from a size 10 to a 5.

Karen said...

Haha! I heard from a doctor once that when you have a sore throat, your body needs salt. That's why they tell you to gargle with warm salt water, but really, drinking the salt water would help even more if our bodies were able to process it. So that's probably why you crave MickeyD's fries. They're just about the saltiest thing on the planet. :-)