Friday, February 5, 2010

Update on the Snail-Speed Progress

Week: 5 Update

# Consume a limit of 1 soda per week. Back to success! No soda this week. Really - at this point, when I have a craving - it's usually the idea of soda and not the real thing that I desire. But I kind of miss the burn as it goes down my throat. Ahhh. This can be re-lived with club soda, which I think is okay for you - unless someone tells me otherwise.
# Do Push-Up's 3xs a week. Done. But mostly because I will be finishing up the week today and tomorrow - sick kiddo, weird work schedule - I'm not sure where the week went.
# Walk 2xs a week. Done- again, because I'm doing it today and tomorrow.
# Reduce calories and keep food journal. I've been practicing Mindful Eating - which does reduce my intake. But I've kicked myself almost weekly for making this a goal - knowing how I feel about it. I think that the Mindful Eating is my best approach to meeting this goal.
# Purchase no more than 5 boxes per week. Back on track here. Frozen veggies (couldn't find in a bag), cream cheese, and a box of wheat thins for SuperBowl day.

Knowing that we are at the halfway point is a bit disappointing - the numbers on the scale are not dipping as I would like, in fact they don't move. However, I believe that I have improved my health on several levels - even if I won't be featured in any fitness magazine any time soon as a "before" / "after" feature. Having the pedometer has completely opened my eyes to the lack of movement on my regular days and then need to crank it up a notch. I think awareness is an important step in this process - so I'm trying to embrace and celebrate it.

Deep secrets about me: Along Steve's secret - I'll confess with my musical talents. I play several instruments - the piano (at a pretty expert level- though I'm sure I'm rusty from lack of practice), the flute (at an okay-dokey level), the trumpet (I could likely crank out a scale or two), and percussion (xylophone, marimba, tri-tom drums) not so much on the drum set - though I could keep good time (which is really like Drums 101). Also, I've composed a piece for a complete concert band. It's been preformed a couple of times by my hometowns municipal band.


"And so our stories go..." said...

I really admire what you are doing. Keep up the good work. I'm learning a lot.

Deanna said...

Wowsa! I am very impressed with your secret. I so admire such talent. My friend plays the piano beautifully and hubby sings.

Keep on keeping on. You will see results!

Karen said...

You're doing great! Snail speed?? Whatever.

And wow! It's awesome that you play the piano! I wish I did. I know enough that I could teach myself. I just have nowhere to practice.

Janet said...

I knew about the piano thing, but I didn't know you play so many other things or that you are a composer! Wow, I really am impressed!

South Beach Steve said...

Wow, you really have some musical talent! That is incredible!

It looks like a good week!

Anne Marie said...

Just had to share that I love your blog title! so cute;-)

Cookie said...

those are great goals. I always say i'm going to do pushups and then never do :( I never thought about buying things n boxes before.