Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wishing Wednesday: Sleep and Sun Salutations

If you're not reading Wishing Wednesday's on Regina's other blog, you should check it out and maybe even play along.  Because aren't we all here trying to lose weight and get healthier and make our lives better because we believe we can?  And because we have wishes for the future?

I know I do.  And I often participate in Wishing Wednesdays on my other blog, but I have been neglecting you fellow fitness freaks lately, so I'm wishing here.

Today I wish:

For an awesome yoga class tomorrow night.  I couldn't go last week, and I've missed it.  And no, I didn't do yoga on my own anyway like I said I would.  Ugh.

For the rest of my work week to be productive, but not in a stressful crazy-making way.  More in a feeling of accomplishment sort of way.

To use my evening alone tonight for relaxing type stuff like reading, cuddling with dogs, and watching Ellen.

To learn the secret to that elusive joy that is a full night's sleep.  I think, in part, it involves NOT having a doggie puking at 3:34 a.m.

And finally, I wish for warm sunshiny days to return to the Midwest SOON.  Because I am so much more likely to get my daily walk in when I can do it outside without freezing half to death. 

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