Sunday, February 28, 2010

For the Love of Ranch Dressing

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I realized yesterday evening that I had eaten A LOT of ranch dressing. I'm beginning to think that ranch dressing might be the ultimate cause of my weigh problems.

I met an old friend/co-worker for lunch at a favorite local restaurant, one that's famous for amazing onion rings. They serve them with ranch dressing. And they have awesome ranch dressing. So, I ate my share of onion rings dipped in ranch as our appetizer.

Then for my lunch I ordered a turkey cobb salad. (Which brings to mind another issue. R asked me the other day, what exactly the "cobb" part of that salad means? There are no cobbs (or rather, cob with one b?) in the salad, by the only definition I know for "cobb." And I don't think a salad with those cobs would be very tasty. Unless maybe it's those little baby corns, because I do like those.) And of course I had ranch dressing on my salad.

For supper we grilled burgers and had sweet potato fries, which I also dipped in ranch. And I'm quite sure that none of my "servings" of ranch dressing were the minuscule two tablespoons or whatever that I'm supposed to have. Probably more like four. Which means I hate twelve tablespoons of ranch dressing yesterday.

Not to even mention the stuff the ranch dressing was on. I mean, if I'd skipped the onion rings and fries all together, I'd have probably been better off. Except I did bake the fries, and sweet potatoes are healthy, right? The salad had cheese and bacon on it, so it was probably not so healthy to start with either.

Is that the solution to my weight loss dilemma? To eliminate ranch dressing, along with any foods I might be tempted to put ranch dressing on?

That thought makes me sad. I don't think I can do it.


Katherine said...

I love ranch too! Half the reason to eat onion rings is to eat them with ranch.

South Beach Steve said...

I love Ranch Dressing too - too much!

Btw, Cobb Salad was invented by Robert H. Cobb, thus the name "Cobb". :-)

Regina said...

hmmm. i know that i did find one ranch dressing that was low-cal and i didn't notice the difference.

i am happy to say, that ranch dressing is one of the FEW evil foods that doesn't tempt me so much. i'll take my rings with ketchup - thanks!

Karen said...

Everything in MODERATION. You don't have to eliminate. Just scale it back a bit.