Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thank God It's Sunday

At least I'm down this week, even if it's only 0.4 pounds. However, I'm quite happy to see my fat % actually go down this time. So, I'm feeling like, even though I only lost a tiny bit, what I did lose must have actually been FAT! Yay!

I think the push ups and crunches are helping. Plus I went to yoga Thursday, and I actually went to a yoga for kids workshop yesterday also as part of the training I attended. Not like a "real" yoga class, but we did do some poses.

I have literally eaten anything I wanted all week, so to lose any at all is good. I had to work late two nights this week, and then worked Saturday also, so it was a looooong week. When I have times like that, I kind of just have to do whatever I have to do to survive. Caffeine, chocolate, sugar, fat, it's not about making healthy choices. I know it should be, but it's not. It's about staying awake and making it through the day.

I have skipped walking the last two days, and I definitely need to get back into that starting today. Really though, after walking 2-3 miles a day for a whole week, I think I deserved a day or two off from that.

I'm just thrilled to actually have two days off work now (I'm taking Monday off to make up for Saturday). And I don't have much planned. Not like having to be anywhere, no responsibilities, nobody expecting anything of me, that kind of thing. I have a couple projects around the house, some movies I need to watch and take back to Blockbuster, Young and the Restless on the DVR to catch up on. You know, serious business.

But I also plan to walk and do my sit ups and crunches. And maybe actually like cook some food. That'll be neat.


Karen said...


I definitely get what you're saying about having to do whatever you can to survive. I have weeks like that too.

Tara said...

Down is down! You'll get back on track with the walking and the cooking, I know it.