Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fessing Up

Okay, dear blogger friends I'm going to fess up. The reason I haven't been posting is because my diet is NOT going well. We did promise to post in good times and bad and this is my bad. Literally. First of all, the weight I lost has somehow managed to find me again. In all honesty I don't know how. I've really tried to eat better. Probably not as good as I should be but not enough to gain five pound in two days. Really makes me wonder about my body. I don't know how I do it.
My workout regime has not been great but it hasn't been bad either. I mean I don't sit on my ass all day and night. I actually do walk at least 3 days a week and play with my six year old son which gives me a good workout and if you knew my six year old son you would understand how much energy it takes to keep up with him. At any rate, tomorrow is a new day and I will keep trying. We got our ellipital machine at home fixed, finally, after being broke for 4 months. So, my new workout regime is going to include working out on it every morning for 20 minutes and every evening for 30 minutes. (At least five days a week)My non-meat is not going well. Mostly because we had our annual Murder Mystery Party on Saturday and my husband made ham. We have a lot of ham leftovers so I've been eating ham on a daily basis since Saturday. As soon as the ham is gone I will get back to a non-meat eating diet. Water is going okay. Although I didn't do well today at all with it but most days I'm doing anywhere between 40-60oz a day. So, now you know where I've been. Hopefully next time you hear from me I'll have more positive things to say. Thanks for sticking around and reading about my lack of accomplishments but I will perservere!


Karen said...

I'm wondering if the stuff you're eating is high in sodium. That could cause major fluctuations. I know you're eating healthier, but I was absolutely shocked at how many healthy foods are loaded with salt.

Elizabeth's Gone said...

Thanks. Yes, I've had that thought too and that's probably what's happening. Ham is LOADED with salt and I do love salt.