Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Games We Play

Some time ago, I confessed that I was trying to give up the bubbly. Diet or not, I keep reading about how soda isn't such a good idea. Is this really a news flash? Have you read the ingredients in that beverage? Oh, how I love you- my little chemistry experiment in a can (or in a Route 44 cup).

Dropping the soda was one of the top recommendations if you wanted to live to be 100 years old. Dropping soda is recommended to prevent sugar spikes and cravings - and I must say, that I've been known to have a relationship with a soda before 10 am - and I have noticed that on those days - I'm doomed before I start. If I start with a soda, overeating is sure to follow in one form or another.

And for me - part of the problem is that soda goes with all of the other bad foods. It goes well with salty foods, fast foods, fried foods, fatty foods, and follow it up with some serious sweets! If I can manage to stay away from it - fighting the rest of my food choices during the day can be a little easier.

So this is my game plan. First, I've experimented with lots of the flavor packets that you add to water bottles. I have found a few green teas that I'm fond of and I even located one "energy" drink that has low calories and a little caffeine - a pure lifesaver.

Second, I'm really proud of myself when I avoid the temptation and I usually try to drink 16 oz of water before I give into the craving. By the time I've finished the water, I'm usually over it.

Third, I play evil games. I've really been doing pretty good. And I really enjoy the benefits of success. I am surrounded by co-workers that crack one open on a regular basis. So, in my mind, every time I hear them pop one open - I think to myself "You are doing so much better than them..." I've come close to laughing with joy at what I perceive as their failure. (I know it's mean, I try to do something good later to balance out the karma.)

On those desperate days, I play another game. I can't drink one until everyone else in the room has. (And I can't / don't tell them that I'm basically hanging my craving on their shoulders.) Again, the thing is that by the time they all drink one - I've consumed enough water to not really need it or want it.

I've not been buying soda for the home - or I'm buying soda that isn't for me. For once, being picky has paid off. And because I am not good at absolutes - I haven't made soda completely "off limits". I feel free to indulge on special occasions or on days when I'm busy fighting other things. But overall, every day that I go without- I'm a little more capable of making it the next day.

In general, I've learned that we play lots of mind games with ourselves that aren't good for our self-esteem; at least in this case the mind games are helping me better myself. Best of luck to anyone else fighting the battle of the bulge / battle of the bubbly!

I just found this. Proof I'm on the right track!


Karen said...

Flavored water is just about the only thing that keeps me away from soda. I still drink it just about every day, but I drink a lot less now and a lot more water.

Have you tried the Crystal Light Cherry and Pomegranante? It's YUMMY!

Regina said...

I hadn't tried that one...but it's going on my list! Thanks for the suggestion!

Janet said...

I have a serious addiction to diet soda (Coke, or Pepsi, I'm really not picky). And you're right, I've often wondered what those chemicals are doing to my body. Now with all the news that artificial sweetners may even hurt our weight loss efforts more than help?! Agh! Maybe I'll try some of your techniques.

Oh, and I will always wonder now if you're playing the "everyone else in the room" game when I'm with you! lol