Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kathy's Trying to Kill Me

She suggested a new walking route today, and I kid you not, it was over 3 miles and entirely uphill. My 20 minute walking goal has morphed into closer to a full hour this week thanks to Kathy. And boy my legs are feeling it.

I'm also feeling my crunches seriously today. I've now done three days (separated by a day of rest in between). I haven't increased much, but then I changed it up and started doing the crunches on my ball. So, I'm not really comparing the same thing. I'd make a terrible scientist. I get bored and keep changing variables.

Unfortunately work has been crazy stressful, so my eating has suffered. Also, that dreaded PMS/Alien Invasion thing happening. Today I've had two and a half peanut butter cookies, one dark chocolate Reese's, a tiny Milky Way, and a tiny Three Musketeers. And it's barely 3:30. Oh, and they were giving out free Vault energy drinks where I work, so I'm having one of those. So far, not impressed.

I work Saturday, so my weigh-in will be Sunday. Here's hoping it's more positive than the last two weeks have been!


Kathy Forste said...

LOL. I guess you tracked the route from that site online??? Well, I didn't mean for it to be that long but I do think we got a good workout in. At this moment I'm not feeling too worse for wear.

Karen said...

Sending good vibes! Good luck on Sunday!