Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baby Steps Backward?

As my ticker shows, technically I did lose .8 lbs. this week. However, it was just a weird week, and I didn't follow "my plan" mostly through no fault of my own. And I don't feel quite right about the whole thing. Plus, as my weight keeps creeping down, my body fat percentage (according to my fancy schmancy new scale) keeps going up, which I don't like at all.

I started out the week recovering from a bad cold, so I didn't have much energy for exercise, didn't eat properly, etc... Then, I actually had to get a colonoscopy Thursday, so I had to do this whole liquid diet "prep" thing the day before (and out of curiosity, I weighed that morning and the following morning, and I'd lost three pounds in 24 hours, but I felt horrible, plus it was completely temporary, so I do not recommend this program for weight loss!) and then couldn't eat much the next day because I just felt so awful.

Turns out, I'm fine, but I still don't feel right from the whole weird diet for two days thing. I didn't work out for those two days, and I've missed my fruit, haven't had enough water, couldn't even take my vitamin, totally off the wagon. Whatever tiny wagon I was on.

But hey, I figure I'm still about four pounds down from when I started, so I'll pick up where I'm at and move forward from this point. I did my water, vitamin, fruit, and my 20 minute walk today. I was kind of thinking about my next "baby step," but I really feel like I'm out of synch with where I'd been before, and I need to get back on that track before adding to it.

Hope everyone else had a great week, and I promise to do better this coming week. For sure, I've got to go back to yoga this week. I feel so much better (in many ways) when I do yoga regularly.

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Karen said...

I was horrible. I didn't go to the gym once this entire week. Ugh! Monday starts a new week!