Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Really Should Take My Own Advice

Remember my post about why I wasn't weighing myself?  Well, I weighed myself today, and then I wished I hadn't, for all of the reasons I wrote about in that post.

Since becoming unemployed, I've been home more, so I've been cooking more healthy meals (rather than eating out so much).  And honestly, despite the financial strain, I've been feeling less stress than I had in a year or more, so the stress eating has diminished.

I've been busy on a couple painting projects that have had me climbing up and down ladders for days on end, carrying heavy objects, and using my arms a lot.  I've even started walking again, and did five out of seven days last week.

It seems like my pants are getting looser, and I'm seeing some new definition in my arms.  Plus, riding my bike has gotten a lot easier.

So, silly me.  I figured I'd step on the scale and marvel at my own progress, then come here and let all of you marvel at my progress as well.

Except that I gained a pound and a half.

Seriously?!  How is this possible?!

What's worse is what it did to my mood.  I went from feeling really good about myself and my progress to feeling like a slug.  A fat slug.  A fat slug who eats too much junk food and sits on the couch most of the day.

I did snap out of it this afternoon finally, enough to take my walk and cook a healthy dinner.  But I think I'm going back to the no scale plan for a while.


Brian said...

Hey, you can do it! My sister Gracie lost weight. I told her she didn't put it on all at once, it won't come off all at once. Hang in there!!! Oh, thanks for visiting from the blog hop, I'm following you too!

South Beach Steve said...

If you figure out the mysteries of the scale, be sure to let me know. It amazes me how it can go up one week when I expect it to go down, and then go down when I expect it to go up. Crazy!

Karen Peterson said...

No, no, no! Janet, don't freak out!

You start building muscle before you burn fat. It's actually the building of muscle that burns the fat. And muscle weighs more than fat does. So you're going in the right direction if your clothes are feeling better and you're seeing more definition. It's just going to take a little bit before that is reflected on the scale.