Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rapidish Startish Day Two

Well, we did fairly well with our plan yesterday.  We both followed the program except that we both ate a small piece of banana bread last night.  And I never did eat my snack that was to be a pear.  (Does banana bread count as a fruit?)

This is the problem I have with new eating plans.  I hate to throw out perfectly good food that I already have.  Especially when that food is already prepared.  And I'd made this yummy banana bread a few days before.

Plus, we were hungry.  So, we agreed to each have a small piece.  I figure, all in all, it was a vast improvement over what we would have normally eaten in a day.  (For one thing, R would have had a HUGE piece of the banana bread in the evening.)  We each ate fruits, vegetables, high fiber cereal, low fat yogurt, and lean protein.  I drank hot tea (black) most of the day instead of my usual two to three diet sodas.

Plus, we went for a bike ride after supper.  Then we worked painting our garage.

I'm calling it a success.

Tonight we're eating a bowl of soup, even though that's not technically on the plan for today.  But, I'd made the soup Sunday, and it needs to be eaten.  And it's healthy anyway.  I made it with ground turkey this time, and the rest is all beans, vegetables, and spices.  We'll just skip the cheese and crackers we would normally eat with it.


Brian said...

See, you can do it...when in doubt just default to healthy!!!

Wyatt said...

You are on the right track! An occasional banana bread is A-OK. Pears rock too, so that is tomorrow's dessert.


Randy said...

I'm down 12 pounds as of this morning. Something must be working.

Sheri Carpetenter said...

Found you through the SITS Flipper Tribe. Glad to meet you and looking forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't agree with it.