Monday, September 27, 2010

Rapid Start

Have you noticed that whenever a blogger posts something like, "I'm going to post every day for thirty days!" or, "Starting today, I'm working out every day for a week!" it's a sure sign that they will not, in fact, do whatever they say they are going to do?

Well, here I am! To tell you all about the diet plan that I'm doing! No, really, ya'll, I'm doing it!

But I'm only committing to following it exactly for three days. R and I are doing it together. I figure, anyone can do anything for three days. And at that point, we'll see if we feel any better, are any less hungry, want to strangle each other, whatever.

What we're doing is the Rapid Start plan from Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution.  I know this book is old.  And Dr. Phil kind of annoys me.  But my ex-husband and I followed this plan for a few weeks about six years ago, and it really worked for us.  I think the main reason I "fell off the wagon" is that there are very few carbs, and I swear, I need carbs.  You get a bowl of high fiber cereal in the morning, and then that's it for your carbs.  (Well, other than fruits and vegetables, I know those are technically carbs, but I'm talking bread, pasta, cereal, rice.)

Anyhow, we both know our eating habits are a mess, and even if we don't follow this plan exactly or forever, mainly we just wanted to kind of reset our brains and our bodies, and I think this plan will help.  It helped me before.

So far, day one, we've had our one cup of cereal, (which isn't much cereal.  Really, measure it and see.) one cup of skim milk, one egg, one piece of fruit, and tea for breakfast.  Now for me, that's more breakfast than I would ever eat.  I would have cereal OR eggs OR fruit.  Granted, I'd have more cereal.  But still.

And R had his fruit for his morning snack, but I'm not even hungry again yet, so I haven't had mine.  Then lunch is a big salad with some tuna and 2 tablespoons dressing.  Again, not very much dressing.  I probably normally use twice or three times that.

I made R a HUGE salad, because it says "a generous portion of greens."  Mine is quite a bit smaller, but I know he is used to eating a lot.  So, he gets more lettuce, cucumbers, celery, and carrots.  He came home and ate it, then I sent him on his way with a light yogurt for his afternoon snack.

We'll see if he's gnawing on his arm by the time he gets home for dinner.  And I'll keep you all posted on how our three day diet plan goes!


Brian said...

I think that is a very wise choice...go with what you know works, and like you said, you can do it for 3 days. Best of luck!!!

Hound Girl said...

3 days is better than 30 for me!
Good Luck!

Thank you for stopping by and voting for Fred today :)

I have vowed for 6 days a week to walk them 2 miles every day! im hoping we can pull it off!

Karen Peterson said...

Sounds like a good plan. Trying it for 3 days can't be so bad!

Jebbica said...

Best of luck to you both! I don't think I could do that diet. Every time I eliminate carbs, I lose weight, sure, but then when I start eating them again, I gain even more than I weighed to begin with! I hope everything works out in your favor. :)

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

Good luck!!! I applaud you for sticking with it! And congrats on the new skinny pants!!

Thanks for visiting!