Sunday, May 9, 2010

What I'm Not Doing to Lose Weight

I had a pretty good week in terms of eating healthier and exercising. R and I ate three of our five Self Magazine meals. I walked five out of seven days, and three of those days I also biked.

I was only able to go to yoga once because I had to work the other night, but it feels really good to be back into going regularly. Moves are getting easier, and I feel better about myself after going. Plus it goes a long way toward reducing my stress, which I know is a huge factor in my health.

At yoga that one day, I did something revolutionary. Or rather, I didn't do something revolutionary. I started to weigh myself at one point, and then I stopped.

I know there are two schools of thought on scales and weight loss. One philosophy says, "The scale doesn't mean anything. Focus on how you feel. Focus on how your clothes fit." The other idea is, "Weigh yourself regularly so you can quickly tell whether you're making progress or need to make some changes."

The way my mind works is, if I weigh and I did lose weight, I feel fabulous, and I'm motivated to keep going. BUT, if I weigh and I didn't lose weight? I feel like crap. And if I have actually been doing a lot of the right things, and the scale doesn't show it? I decide that this eating right, exercising regularly nonsense doesn't work and isn't worth it, and let's just go get ice cream.

And the thing is, this past week or two? I KNOW I've done better. I know I've been more active. I know I'm getting stronger and more flexible. I know I have more energy, and I'm feeling better about myself. And I also knew that if I stepped on that scale and didn't like what it told me? I'd feel awful and want to quit.

So I saved myself the trouble and didn't weigh. And I don't think I'm going to for a while. Maybe when I reach the point where my clothes feel looser, and I know that number will be motivating, rather than potentially discouraging, I'll step on.

But for now, I'm just going to keep doing those things I know are making me feel better.

How about you? Never step on a scale? Weigh every day? Do you feel like it helps or hurts?


Katherine said...

I used to weigh myself every day. But, now, after struggling to lose weight, I've stopped. I feel better about the choices I'm making, and at the moment, I don't need the number.

Regina said...

I find that when I am focused on making good choices - I am also conscious about weighing. As self confession- I haven't been weighing very much lately - because I've lacked focus.

I tend to be a number junkie - but I also like to see results.

meleemistress said...

I weigh every day, but I've got a secret weapon: the daily trend line. It is part of The Hacker Diet which was developed by an engineer (one of the founders of AutoDesk, in fact). I have a little excel spreadsheet with some equations that show me the overall trend of my weight, and it really softens the blow of those day-to-day fluctuations. It also takes the mystery out of the scale. Good eating and exercise = weight loss. Eating crap and sitting on the couch = weight gain. Every single time.

The trend line:

The way I use it:

All that having been said, I gained 3 pounds overnight on Friday and it's not going away and I know I didn't eat that much. I'm going to guess it's that TOM or something. Very dispiriting.

Jill of Ark said...

Thanks for dropping by my site yesterday. I know exactly what you mean--the scale is my best friend when it gives me a number lower than the previous one but my worst enemy when it doesn't. As exciting as it is to know I've lost a few pounds, I think I'm better off not giving that scale power to impact me--positively or negatively. I'm either going to get rid of mine, or cover over the dial with my goal weight so it always gives me a number I'm excited to see.

PS - "Eat, Pray, Love!" is one of my favorite books, too. :)