Thursday, April 22, 2010

Janet's Rules for Healthy Living

1. Chocolate chips are a perfectly acceptable breakfast food when mixed with almonds and a high fiber cereal.

2. A Quarter Pounder with Cheese is a perfectly acceptable lunch if you leave two bites uneaten.

3. Chocolate in general only has half the calories if you eat it as a reaction to a co-worker behaving insanely.

4. If you go to yoga, and the instructor doesn't show up, you still reap all the benefits of doing yoga.

5. Any exercise done while it's pouring rain outside burns double the calories.

6. Doing yoga two days in a row is a really good idea. I think. I'll let you know for sure tomorrow. If I can move.


Katherine said...

This is exactly the philosphy that I live by. Such as calories consumed on your birthday don't count.

Regina said...

LOL. and calories don't count when you are traveling out of town (especially if it is for WORK).

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Yes, Amen to all of the rules!