Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Exercise in Flexibility

I hadn't been to yoga in over a month.  Twice I had to work.  Twice I was too sick.  Once the teacher was on vacation.  I know I need to get back into it, because I feel so much better when I'm going regularly.  So, despite being tired and still not feeling 100%, I made myself go tonight.

And then the teacher didn't show up!

The weird thing is, I'd had this feeling since about noon today that class wasn't happening.  And I called the Community Center to double check, and nobody was answering.  I looked on their website, and the posted schedule was still for March.  So, I went this evening, despite my crazy feeling that there was no class.

And when I arrived, the daily schedule board did not list yoga.  So, I walked up to the desk and said, "I had a feeling there was no yoga tonight.  Is class canceled?"  And they looked at me like I was insane, and they insisted there was going to be class.

I told them it wasn't on the board.  The guy then asked if I had an April schedule, and I said, "No, and it's not on your website."  So he handed me a schedule.  Which said there was yoga tonight.

But the girl checked some other paper, a "facilities report" or some such thing, and it did not have yoga listed for tonight.  So, she called somebody, and I heard her say in an exasperated tone, "Well can you check NOW?  There's a woman here wanting to pay."

She hung up, and told me this person was supposed to call her back.  So I stood around at the desk and listened to this girl complaining about how she needs a new job.  The other person eventually called back and insisted that yes, there would be yoga tonight.  So I paid and went on upstairs.

I generally walk around the track until the teacher shows up to unlock the room.  So, I'm walking, and I'm walking, and it gets to be 10 'til, then 5 'til, and I'm thinking the whole time, "I just know there is no class."  And it gets to be TIME for class, and she's not there yet.

So, I grabbed my stuff, and decided to check the door, just in case maybe she slipped in when I wasn't looking.  She wasn't in there, but three other ladies were in there, waiting for class.  And right behind me, one more walked in.  And she said she had called, and they told her yes, there was class.

By the time it was 5 minutes beyond class time, I told them all that there was no way she was coming.  She is always early.  So, one girl went back downstairs to ask again what was going on.  And she was told they were calling the teacher.  Which I'm thinking maybe should have happened 15 minutes earlier, but whatever.

At that point, it was 10 minutes late, and I told them all I was giving it up.  On my way back downstairs, I met a girl who was heading up to tell us all there was no class (you think???).  She apologized and said the teacher had spoken to So and So, but she forgot to tell Whomever, and then Somebody Else left early, and with all that, Nobody got the message.

Or something.

Anyway, I did walk about 25 minutes.  And while I was waiting around in the room, I grabbed a couple weight balls (is that what they're called?  Squishy kind of things like they are filled with sand?) and did some arm stuff.  So, all in all, I felt like it was not a waste of time.

Except that I could have been at home.

Except that if I'd gone home, I probably wouldn't have exercised at all.

So, it was a good day at yoga.  Or a good day to not do yoga. 


Regina said...

I think either way - you should be commended for GOING and then for working out before what was to be your workout time!

Karen said...

Definitely a good thing you still went! It's not your fault you couldn't do yoga, but congrats on still working out!