Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Mostly Sugar Free Easter

Well, I'm returning from my Easter holiday with a mostly happy report on the world.
(I say that and I realize that I haven't weighed for several days in a row...)

Somehow in the past years - we've grown this horrible tradition on our house. The "E Bunny" hides 100+ eggs in the yard or house (depending on weather). The downfall is that all those eggs contained a piece of candy. I know, I know, I don't even remember how it got so out of control.

And certainly...calories / pounds were to follow.

I spent a lot of time prepping for the idea that perhaps the "E Bunny" was going to be a little lighter on the candy this year. Though I assured the little man that there would be plenty of other treats involved and he could still run around the yard picking up 100+ eggs. And come Easter morning - I crossed my fingers and hoped.

Okay, really I got out of bed at 5am to "hide' the eggs - which is a joke, b/c when you are talking about 100+ eggs - let's be honest, there is little hiding involved. You stand and throw and hope that the colors nicely spread across the yard in some kind of magical display. And even if this would not normally be your nature to be so careless - it's 5am! it's cold! and you know an excited child is going to wake early so you better get all the sleep you can before he wakes up!! But I digress....back to the candy...

The good news is that the Easter load ended up consisting of 6 Butterfingers Eggs, 1 Large Marshmallow Bunny, and 1 Cookies and Cream Bunny, and 1 Small Pastel Bunny. When you compare this to the normal 'load' - we seriously downsized. (Also take into account the unbelievable fact that I purchased these bunnies at the Russel Stover's Outlet MONTHS earlier and put them in the freezer - for a ridiculously low price, but better yet - there were still around to make their "debut" for the holiday!!! There may be a Noble Prize coming my way...this took serious self-control.)

And in the midst of all this low-cal nonsense...my little man (knowing and understanding my deep love for Butterfingers) offered to share - even though he only got 6! I teared up a little. And he made the same offer with each of the bunnies.

So the good news is, that while I may not have eaten like a Saint this weekend - I had less junk to reach for. And that's a gift that will keep on giving for weeks to come!!! An important lesson - listen to the child. Maybe you will find that it's the "hunt" and not the "prize" that they really enjoy the most?

Thanks Easter Bunny! Bock! Bock!


Karen said...

That sounds like a very successful holiday!

I *only* downed 1 Reese's peanut butter egg, 1 cadbury creme egg and 3 dozen jelly beans before dinner. Win?

Janet said...

Well, I don't even have children, and I think I ate much more than that! I have no excuse.

Katherine said...

As we were filling eggs, we did realize that several dozen eggs means a lot of candy. We're trying to get ideas for different egg fillers next year. Baby carrots? Raisins? Although I'm sure it would make us the least popular parents ever.

marzipan said...

Man. Holiday eating is the HARDEST for me, especially easter, with the visit of the most delicious cadbury mini eggs!! I like the idea of scaling back instead of cutting out, so that you can still feel like you got to enjoy/indulge on the holiday.
Thanks for this post : )