Monday, April 12, 2010

The Post About Bloating and My Boobs

I feel like crap.

Like fat, bloated, PMSy crap.

Sorry, not the positive, uplifting post you were expecting?

I've written before about how I have PMS from hell. Like to the point that I was on antidepressants and stuff for a while, even though I truly only felt like I needed them two weeks out of the month.

Yes, I said two weeks. PMS runs two weeks in our household. Welcome to our world.

R loves it.


Anyway, I was on the road for work three days last week, then worked Saturday. So, that means I ate out....9 of my last 12 meals? The PMS had started before I left, but I'm thinking so much soda, fried food, and salt, has really taken its toll.

I was getting dressed Thursday morning, and I put my rings on, only to realize 5 minutes later that my fingers were turning purple. And then I couldn't get the rings OFF. And once I soaped my hands and got them off, I had the ring imprints on my fingers for two hours.

Got to be the bloating. I mean, did I seriously gain that much weight in a day?!

And my boobs are killing me. I mean, I'm in boob pain sitting here typing. I take my bra off at night, and I can hear them go "WHUMP" and then I yell from the pain.

And my neck and shoulders are a wreck. Which might be stress, and might be the 45 pounds of boobs they try to hold up every day of my life.

Saturday my co-worker (who admittedly, is never a ray of sunshine) informed me that she hates me because I have such big boobs. I told her she can have them. I don't want them.

I was serious.

I still am.

Any takers?


Regina said...

I don't want yours. I want to donate mine.

Tricia said...

hope you feel better soon!

Karen said...

I've been trying to get rid of mine for years. So far, no takers.

Hope you feel better, my friend! This month has been particularly bad for me, too! Don't know why.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

No boobs and I wish someone would take my PMPD/PMS too.

A know a few men that should be given such a gift... :)

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.