Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Ups and Downs

I just updated my ticker. I should be thrilled - I'm down several pounds.

But I know the truth of it. For those following the Perfect 10 updates, I've been sick - looking at the calendar - I've not been NORMAL (for me) since Jan 21st. That's a long time to feel out of sorts and not have any good reason for it. In that time, I've been blessed with a pure lack of interest in eating. That part has been a gift that I would ask to keep. The rest of the illness could just leave anytime and I'd be eternally grateful.

During my month of low energy - I've tried to keep up with some amount of activity. I've been successful at staying away from soda - with only a few moments of craving. (Luckily, my hubby must have read one of my posts -because when I recently requested his cooperation in feeding my craving - he refused. Kisses to you!) I could not tell you how many trips I've sent him on to the land of McD's - clearly, I have not been so concerned about sticking to healthy eating.

Somehow the pounds are still dropping - maybe that is the secret. If you want to eat McD's you need to only eat ONE meal that day? Not that I would advise such actions. And in case you are wondering - it's not water weight. I've been monitroing my fluid intake pretty closely and seeing the result on the scale.

I have crossed the magic percentage of body fat. At the beginning I was just ever so slightly in the highly overweight (notice avoidance of the "o" word) category. I've been in the "slightly overweight" category for about a month now and making progress at getting in the lower range of that category. I had a randomly insane thought today as I peeked at the numbers - imagine how much weight I could have peeled off if I had actually EXERCISED during this fasting period? But even the burst of brilliance nearly sent me back to bed from exhaustion.

Now that I'm starting to have just a smidge of energy return - my first focus will be on force feeding myself some kind of nutrious food on a daily basis. And breaking my love affair with far as he is concerned, I'm going back into hiding.

I'm kind of sad about the thought that my numbers will realistically go up as I get better - my current intake of food is nowhere near a sensible diet. So, be kind, as you watch the yo-yo effect that I will undoubtely be taking. I think it's the first time I've ever been hesitant to share good news - with the fear of "failing" in upcoming weeks.

I keep hearing the weatherman promise signs of spring to come...and I can't help but hope that I recover from my winter cold symptoms before we begin ragweed season! Never a dull moment - but I'll keep hanging in there! Hope you are all doing the same - with fewer germs!

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Janet said...

Congratulations on the pounds lost, regardless of how they came. I hope you are soon feeling much better!