Friday, March 19, 2010

Extra Credit

One week out of the Perfect 10 and I'm missing it I'll just pretend that we're still on the mission and give you a report anyway.

I'm very thankful that Mother Nature was kind to us this week and blessed us with the promise of spring. Thanks to this weather, we walked 3 times this week. Two of these were verging on the 2 mile range - which is good for us.

I've avoided the soda - but drank one last week after the update. Let this be the reminder that I'm not out of the woods yet.

Eating - not so perfect. Not even close. I have consumed a good amount of fruits - but I'm failing veggies. Too much snacking - skipping meals (usually because I'm not hungry at "meal time" and then it's too close to the next meal to eat a meal - so I snack - I see the pattern).

Push-ups. Work has been a bit heavy this week and while I have been in overdrive I've not taken time for myself to do any desk exercises. If the weather holds (I'm nearly laughing / crying as I type that b/c we are currently having an ice storm with snow on the way. A warm up is promised by Monday.) then we should be able to continue the outdoor walks, I may replace my usual gym breaks - where I would walk with some weight lifting and arm work. The reward will be getting to step away from my desk for a much needed break.

Boxes - None came in the house.

When I had my rendezvous with the scale this morning - I saw that I'm pretty close to my "sick weight" and within one pound of that number. I'll give it until next week to see how it's all going to work out and update then.

Are you still on track with your goals?


Deanna said...

All in all, you've done a good job.
I'm home from my travels and am happy to report that, although I lost no weight, I didn't gain any! Yea me!

Janet said...

I still think only one soda in a week is awesome. I do at least one per day!