Friday, March 5, 2010

Still At It- Update

Still working on recovery phase...

Soda - none.

Walking 2xs week - I have been out of bed most days this week. Does that count? Seriously, my activity level has increased - but not to a point that would be considered "exercise".

Push-ups - not yet back to this.

Boxes - unless we are counting boxes of fries (see previous post) I'm still doing good there. 2 boxes purchased this week - both were drink mixes to stock up.

Reduce calories - eating is not back to normal, so I'm still at an unhealthy low level.

In my last post I talked about how I've dropped down into a new body fat category according to my scale. However, I was not completely correct - I thought I previously was in the Obese category - turns out I was only in the Overfat category - still an ugly "o" word. According to my scale / scale manual I am now flirting with the upper range of the "healthy" weight. When I look in the mirror (or at the size on my pants) I don't see it - so I'd like to be closer to the middle or lower part of this range. Baby steps in the right direction.

Little known fact about me: While I am usually a fan of all-things-chocolate, I do NOT prefer chocolate cake. As a matter of fact - I usually will only eat chocolate cake of any sort if it is frozen...which is a whole other odd thing about me - my preference for cake products in a frozen state.


Janet said...

I feel your pain, as I am the one home sick now! Ugh. I was doing well getting back into my walking, push ups, and crunches. That lasted three days. Then I got sick.

Karen said...

Congrats on your successes, although I'm sorry they're illness induced.

And I'm totally with you about chocolate cake. For the most part, it's not my favorite.