Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Working Without A Net Here!

Without the Internet, that is.

After a week with many inches of snow, enough snow days to make me think Christmas Break had already begun, and an infections case of snowflake crafting...the universe decided to bless me with the ADDITIONAL gift of lost cable, Internet, and the threat of stealing away all electricity as well.

For those doing the math -it is hard to do office work, parent work, emergency school closing work, and SANTA work. The Internet is CRITICAL! Luckily, I'm back in action today and had to let the world know! (I know you were worried.)

The past weeks have been an odd balancing act of way too much fast food (Thank you McDonald's for the "gift" of free Coke glasses...a constant reminder that I am NOT trying to put COKE in them.) and a total loss of appetite at other times. Were it not for my child insisting on meals - I think I would have forgotten completely.

The ticker has gone down a bit. And while this pleases me, I can't help but think - imagine how much better it could be if you'd actually exercised. It's a thought. My exercise ball has been taken hostage by my son - who now believes it is the only piece of furniture worth sitting on. Mother nature is not my friend. And it's hard to want to take your break on a treadmill which will undoubtedly lead to sweating when you have to dress as if you are trying to avoid hypothermia in your office. All excuses aside - I'll be getting serious about making changes any day now....really. This time of year has additional challenges - for some reason THIS is my "Ice Cream Season". It happens every year - did I eat ice cream all summer...not that I remember. But put a chill in the air and I can barely think of anything better! I've given into the craving a few times - but have avoided the habit of skipping dinner and going straight to milkshake. Progress? I think so.

On the soda front - I've made it several weeks at this point. Hubby decided to be ever so helpful in my mission - by picking me up a Diet bubbly at the gas station. In his defense, there was a day that returning to the car without a beverage for me would have resulted in a travel delay. So far, I'm trying to avoid the meltdown and the beautiful bottle is still safely sealed in the fridge. His days are numbered - but I'm really thrilled at my willpower...I've had access, I've had fast food, and I've had stress - and yet, I've had success. Yeah, me!

Here's some additional holiday strategies you may want to use:
1. Consider asking someone else to make the desserts for your holiday feast - and order something that you don't like. Let's face it - you'll be full by then anyway.

2. If possible, burn your mouth periodically with hot cocoa or latte. It really detours your ability to mindlessly chomp down on snacks.

3. If hot glue is involved in your gingerbread house construction - it becomes much less tempting to nibble.

4. Muster up some family drama - your overall dread of the event, walking on eggshells, and constant biting your tongue may just be enough to keep you from over eating!

5. Have faith. This too shall pass and then we will enter the season of bikini dreams-where the whole world will join us on the quest to have a little less of us to love. =)

Any strategies that will keep you from the "last meal" mentality this holiday season?


Janet said...

Unfortunately the family drama makes me want to eat MORE. But thanks for the other tips. I also wanted ice cream very badly (and gave in) the very day of the big blizzard (that YOU got. I got rain.) so I'm not sure what's up with that.

Vierra and Bianca said...

that sounds all to familair...minus the snow
glad you are back up and running

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