Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getch-Ya Drink On!

With the holidays closely approaching us - you really don't need much of an excuse to put a little schnocker in your day. So if you were looking for an excuse ....let me aid and abet you with this tasty treat as part of Cole's (All the Small Stuff) Tuesdays at the Table!! Or as it may turn out....Tuesdays UNDER the Table! No seriously, drink responsibly!


Boil 7 cups water and 1 cup sugar
Boil 2 teabags in 2 Cups water

Mix above ingredients with these:

1 12 oz frozen Lemonade
1 12 oz frozen Orange Juice
2 cups vodka
OR you can use 4 cups vodka if you plan to pour a little 7Up or Ginger Ale over it later

Put all of this into a milk jug and freeze if for 24 hours.
Then drink up! (recipe stolen with permission from my mother)


Amy said...

Oh my what a yummy easy drink. Thanks for stealing it..

Janet said...

Thanks for sharing! I have a similar recipe from my ex-husband's family. It's dangerous stuff because it tastes so innocent!

SnoWhite said...

we love this beverage at our place... my mom left out the alcohol when we were growing up so we could enjoy it too. delicious.

BG "totally my real name" said...

sounds good and easy!

"And so our stories go..." said...

I'm heading toward the 4 cups of vodka...sounds like so much more fun. Thanks for the recipes. Lovely.