Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowing and Sniffling My Way to Fitness

I'm still here.  Me, Janet, of the pink daisy icon.  My fitness efforts have been somewhat sidelined by massive snow storms (yes, stormS, plural) and a nasty sinus infection.  So, when I've felt like making it to yoga or going for a walk, the weather hasn't necessarily been cooperating.

I finally went to the doctor, after my "cold" had been hanging around (unwelcomely) for 2 1/2 weeks, and I found out it was a sinus infection.  I've been on antibiotics for just two days now, and I'm feeling much better already.  It's easy to forget what "well" feels like when one is sick for so long.  Breathing is awesome.

I have gone to yoga twice since I posted last.  I didn't feel great, and it was a struggle, but I went.  I have to constantly remind myself that I never regret going to yoga.  No matter how awful I feel or how badly I want to stay home, I always feel better after yoga.  Usually I feel better during yoga.

I have been sticking diligently to staying OFF a diet and following my new mantra, "Eat what you want when you're hungry.  Feel what you feel when you're not."  I'm mostly doing pretty well.  I've had a couple instances of eating more than I knew I physically needed, then feeling bad (physically) afterward.  But not too many times.

Mostly I'm starting to learn when my body wants an orange and when it wants oatmeal.  Sometimes it wants Girl Scout cookies, and I've let it happen.  But when it's not a "treat" or a "punishment" I only eat one or two.  There have even been some times when I've stood in the kitchen looking here and there for what my body might want, only to ultimately decide, what it wants is water.   Go figure.

What has your body wanted to be fed lately?


Brian said...

My body feels like a nap! You'll figure it out, I'm quite sure!!!

Wyatt said...

Fresh produce!! Mom in law is visiting and she has been rejecting all things healthy. One more week....

Wyatt's Mom

Sushi Girl said...

Have you ever tried Bikram Yoga(aka hot yoga)? it's pretty awesome

I think it needs more turbinado. said...

It needs to be fed oxygen from yoga!

*reminds self to get her workout in*