Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who's Who, My Pants, and Crazy Dancing

I love that this blog is a collaboration and gives readers a look into the health and fitness journeys of more than one woman.  We each have our own lifestyles, preferences, and struggles, and I hope you can relate to one or more of us as you follow our progress (or lack thereof!).  But it has bothered me for a while that it seems to be confusing keeping straight whom is posting what.  It says at the bottom of each posting "posted by..." but you won't see that until you're done reading a post, if you even notice it at all.

So, I've created the little pink daisy icon at the left, and I'll put that at the start of any post by me, Janet.  Then you'll know who I am.  Or something.  I hope.

Anyway, I was saying the other day how I haven't updated my ticker in a while, partly because I'm refusing to step on the scale and let that number define how I feel about myself for that day.  I know I'm making positive changes, however small.  I will step on it eventually, but for now, no.

Regina suggested I create some new system of measuring progress, like how my pants feel.  Well, this morning I tried on a pair of pants that I had picked up at a garage sale right toward the end of my previous job (late spring, early summer).  They ended up being a little snug on me (you know how garage sale clothes buying goes), but I kept them, because they were cute, and I figured it was something to strive for.  This morning, the pants fit.  Just fine.  Yay!

I'm fighting a little cold, so I haven't been doing much exercise.  Plus, I've found that my new "work at home" job is awesome in a lot of ways, but not so much for squeezing in my lunchtime walks.  Theoretically, I set my own schedule and could do whatever I wanted.  But I find it works best for my life if I work 9-5.  And I'm entitled to a 1/2 hour lunch, paid, so I tend to take that time to ummm...eat lunch.

But, I've realized that sitting at my computer for hours on end is sucky and not good for me, mentally or physically.  And I've come upon my new workout plan.  I'm trying to get up every hour or so and do some sort of little exercise.  Today I danced wildly to one song on the radio (one perk of working alone is that no one can see me act crazy), did a set of lunges, did a few yoga stretches, and walked a short distance down the street when I went out to get the mail.

It's working for me in terms of schedule and mental focus.  I'll keep you posted on how it works in terms of actual fitness results!


Karen Peterson said...

I love the icon idea!

Getting up and walking away from the computer every hour is something we ALL could do better about!

Caren Gittleman said...

I need to get my butt up and away from the computer as well. I am conquering the weight (slowly but surely) it is the exercise that I am not doing well with at all!

Tina's Crazy World said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel about sitting at a desk all day. I've been doing it for 5 years! I have not been to the gym since before Thanksgiving and really need to get back to it. However, "getting back to it" is the hard part. Maybe getting up every hour from my desk is a good beginning. And I plan to dance in front of my co-workers... They already know I'm a nutjob, so I'll just go with the flow ;)

Hilary said...

Getting up from your desk is so important.. When I am at work, I always use the bathroom one flight down. That way, not only do I avoid the bubonic plague from my floor's Dr's office, I get in a little exercise too