Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Plan is...There is No Plan

I haven't stepped on a scale in months.  And with all the job stress, and then unemployment stress, my eating has been crazy, and my workouts have been minimal.  Plus its hot.  Really hot.  I don't do hot.

Yes, I have a treadmill.  Whatever.

I have been getting in the pool most days, and kind of doing my own water aerobics, or water calisthenics, or water yoga or something.  So, that's good.

I'm having major PMS again too, so that doesn't help my mood, stress, or weight loss efforts.  But I'm thinking of stepping on the scale in a couple days, updating my ticker, and getting going on this thing again in some capacity.

The last time I lost any amount of weight (like 20 pounds) I was unemployed.  So, hopefully I can find the time and energy now to make a positive difference in my health.  Plus I don't have all that job stress causing me to gorge on chocolate anymore.

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Regina said...

I'm laughing - b/c just read this after eating an unreasonable amount of pringles followed by a chocolate cookie.

Complete lack of focus on me...