Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Told You it was My Job

I spoke with a friend today who considers herself "sporadically employed."  She doesn't have a "job" so to speak, since she got fed up and quit hers about a year ago, but she does a lot of consulting and part time stuff here and there and seems to do okay.

She asked me if I was losing weight since losing my job.  I haven't stepped on a scale, so I couldn't answer for sure, but I think I might have lost a little.

She said she has lost 10 pounds without trying since quitting her job.  She says she does a lot of yoga, which she wasn't doing before, but that she used to walk three miles a day, which she isn't doing now.  And she said she's probably eating a bit better, and eating out less, but that she still loves her cookies and so forth.

She's decided that the major factors in this mysterious weight loss are absence of stress and abundance of sleep.  She was curious if I've experienced the same thing.

Honestly, at this point, I'm not sure I have an absence of stress.  I hope to reach that point soon.  And I hope to reach the fabulous sleep stage soon.  I'm still not sleeping well.

Right now I think mine is more too upset to eat.

Anyway, I'll of course keep you all posted.  And maybe this friend and I will soon publish our future bestselling book, Does this Job Make Me Look Fat?


P. Hentermine said...

When an insulin molecule interacts with the trans-fat, the receptor breaks instead of allowing glucose to permeate the cell wall. Now there’s free radicals, unabsorbed glucose, and a cell less sensitive to insulin.

Deanna said...

I forget to eat when I'm stressed. Maybe I need more stress in my life.

Hopefully you will soon find the job of your dreams and look back with thanks that there were budget cuts and you were released from your other job. All in good time!

Food Addict said...

Breathe!! Easier said than done is my catch phrase for the month. Try to get away from the stress, at least for a little while each day -- whether that's zoning out with a movie or yoga! (Some people suggest mediating, I haven't done that yet).

Good luck, you'll be fine!