Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review - As Promised

Time has gotten away from me - I have valid reasons...but some time ago I said that I had requested some samples of a product to flavor up my water - calorie free!

It's called True Lime (though there is also True Lemon and True Orange). They also offer True Lemonade - it does have calories but only 5 per packet - I haven't tried this version so I can't speak about it.
So I got my samples and immediately poured myself a beverage. The packets are the size of a sugar packet in a restaurant - and it says that one packet equals about one wedge of fruit.

Did you know - when those slices were tested in restaurants - they often had many bacteria on them? This is a natural product without the germs.

It did have a nice flavor - though if you wanted it to be strong, you may need 2 packets for a normal glass of water. The price for a box of 32 is around $5. For most flavor packets I'm paying $2-3 for 10. So even using 2 packets at a time, this product is very competitively priced.

Also, I enjoyed the orange and lemon in club soda - a nice alternative to sugar / chemical filled soda!

Overall - we have a winner!


Janet said...

I'm still not sure what's up with our background, and it's not making me happy. But this does sound like a neat product. I got some free samples of a new Crystal Light mix in thingy I keep meaning to post about too.

Jessica said...

I love this concept, thanks for the inspiration and the review!

Stopping by from SITS and The Leaky B@@b. Happy Saturday and you've totally helped me be ok with working out today.