Sunday, December 9, 2012

Skinny Jeans Take Two

So back in October I wrote a post about trying on a pair of skinny jeans.  I had been wearing 16's for a very short time, and these were 14's.  I decided not to buy them, because I reasoned that before I could really wear them, I'd be in an even smaller size.

I bought a pair of skinny jeans this weekend.  In a 10.  TEN.  Granted, they are very stretchy, but still.  I haven't worn anything with a 10 on it in probably 6 years.

I still haven't stepped on a scale yet.  I know I'm doing well.  People are telling me they can see the change.  Friends, complete strangers.  I think my coat is too big.  Anyway, I have this fear of stepping on the scale and not liking the number and going into a complete tailspin.  So, I still haven't done it.

I also haven't actually worn the jeans yet.  But hopefully I will very soon. 


Karen Peterson said...


It's really about how you feel more than what the number says anyway.

Hilary said...

you will rock those jeans!!
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!