Saturday, October 20, 2012

Skinny Jeans

I was at a work function this week and found myself wearing pants that were ginormously too big for me.  Which is kind of a cool thing, except that I was traveling, so I didn't have any other pants, or a belt, or anything.  And at one point I decided to look and see what size the pants were, thinking that they must be a 14, and isn't this awesome that they're so big on me?!

Well, they were a 16.  Which made me think, wtf, when did I ever buy a 16 to begin with?!  And darn tooting they're too big, they'd BETTER be!

But whatever, the point is, they used to fit me.  And now they're huge.

So, I ended up at JC Penney looking for some new clothes, and I decided to try on a pair of "skinny jeans."  I have shunned this particular fashion trend, thinking I was too short and/or fat to look good in them.

I was wrong.  Or at least I am now.  Because they actually looked pretty good.  And I tried them on with a silky, off the shoulder top that I would never have even picked up, except it was on clearance. 

I stood there in the dressing room looking at my new hot self and debated whether to buy the outfit.  Ultimately, I decided that my current life offers very little opportunity to wear skinny jeans and a slinky top.  Because I can't wear denim for work, and well... the rest of the time I'm in sweats.

For now.

That was a decidedly third date outfit.  And ultimately, I realized that by the time I'm going on a third date, I will probably be an even smaller size.  And this would have been an entirely wasted purchase.

But it wasn't a waste of time.  Because, I'm telling you, I looked hot in that outfit.  And I needed to see that right now.

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