Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Year (Almost) Without McDonald's
Well, folks.  It's November.  And I've spent most of the year in hiding- hiding from my scale, hiding under baggy clothes, hiding from you.  And while many people are entering the season of "to hell with my diet, let's enjoy the holidays and hit the healthy train in January".  I find myself finally getting around to being serious about my weight loss. The year continues to find my scale creeping to a point of new horrors - beyond my pregnancy weight.  I've not been super active on any regular basis.  I've not been in overdrive about feeding my face, but I've not been crunching the numbers either.  

Has anything gone right?

Well,  one thing.  Back in January, my husband and I both secretly made a silent resolution to not eat at McDonald's.  One year without the golden arches.  It's not that we LOVE Mickey D's.  It's just that it is our easy - go to - starting to feel sick -and really needs some salty food - meal.  With the intro of their $1 menu - we could feed the family a sackful of poison for a small bill.  

Anyway, we had both been talking about how we eat there too much.  About how the food doesn't live up to our "memory" of how good it USED to taste.  And about how we feel like crap after we eat it.  So we both set up this idea that it was "off limits" for 2012.  In my personal resolution- I built in 2 "cheats".  I figured if I went from eating there a few times a month to two times a year that would be a marked improvement AND if I fell off the wagon - it would not be an instant fail with permission to relapse for the rest of the year.

So as of this date - I am happy to report that we have only eaten there 1 time--and it was breakfast. (And it was horrible enough that we have not even since spoken of doing it again.)  Fry free.  No nuggets.  No McChickens.  And seriously, every time we've had that salty craving - we've been able to satisfy it with a healthier alternative.  (For the record, we've also only had Burger King 1 time this year.)

So while my success list will be short for health goal in 2012.  At least I can put this on in the win column.  

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Cha Cha said...

Good for you! I think it's so hard to remember that health isn't the one-time, big splash, but the small, incremental changes.

I used to watch Richard Simmons infomercials for fun b/c he's just so ... Richard Simmons. And awesome. And I distinctly remember one woman saying, "You didn't gain all of your weight in one day, and you won't lose it all in one day." So true - with weight and with all sorts of life stuff.

Also? I agree - McDonald's doesn't taste the way it used to, back in the day ...