Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Only Thing I Feel Like Doing

I had a rough day.  I've had a rough couple of days.  And it's not like there's a good reason for it.  Nothing hugely horrible happened.  In fact, a couple of really good things happened.  But I've felt awful for a couple days.  No energy, bad mood, not sleeping, anxiety for no good reason.  Blah.

Tonight was yoga night.  Not even easy yoga night, but harder (okay, medium) yoga night.  I kept thinking as I got ready to go, "I do not feel like doing this right now."

And then I stopped myself.  Because in reality?  Going to yoga was the only thing I DID feel like doing.  I did NOT feel like doing all the rest of the cr@p I had to do today.  But I wanted to go to yoga class, and I knew it would make me feel better.

So I went.  And it was hard.  And hot.  And awesome.  And I do feel better!

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